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    For Sale - 2010 JSW TDI - NJ

    A very good friend of mine is selling his wifes 2010 JSW TDI - It's fully loaded, immaculate, and fully maintained. I've helped him on maintenance and he's done all the VW Spec fluids and diesel additives. Car is mint. Nice snow tire setup also available. Helping him out by throwing it up...
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    PIC REQUEST: B4 drivers side frame rail

    im swapping a 1Z into my B3 wagon and i already cut my battery tray for the intercooler but id like to look at a B4 rail for comparison. thanks
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    1Z in a B3V

    ive been spending alot more time on the vortex lately and started a build thread over there, figured id share it with with y'all
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    gauge cluster harness compatability

    in a month or 2 ill be pulling my 1z swap out of my 90 golf and droppin it into a 90 passat wagon. im currently using an A3 jetta tdi gauge cluster but plan on using a B4 tdi cluster in the passat. will the A3 cluster harness work on the B4 cluster?
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    WTB: B4 TDI gauge cluster harness

    as the title states. ive already got a cluster, just need the harness from a tdi passat
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    WTB: B4 TDI gauge cluster

    as the title states i need a US spec b4 tdi gauge cluster. im pulling my tdi swap out of my 90 golf and dropping it into a 90 passat i just picked up im also willing to trade my mk3 tdi cluster with 222k miles, lemme know what ya got!
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    TDI goes final round at Island Dragway

    so yesterday i took a ride out to island dragway to watch my father run his big block 396 85 monte carlo and i figured id run my 90 golf with a 1z swap for giggles. turned out we were both in the same class! i won 3 rounds and ended up facing my father in the final round where i missed 3rd...
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    gas in-tank fuel pump on a TDI?

    lately ive been toying with the idea of adding a lift pump on my 1Z and my thought is the easiest way would be to use the fuel pump/sending unit from a gas car. im not sure tho how the gas fuel pump will work with the viscosity of diesel fuel, especially in cold weather. does anyone have first...
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    noob boost question

    so i recently swapped a 1Z from a passat into my 90 golf (my first TDI :D ) and ive been reading thru the performance upgrade section of the FAQ. it says in the FAQ not to exceed 18psi of boost at sea level but it really doesnt explain why. is it a physical limitation of the engine or will the...
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    1Z A/C cut-off switch....where is it??

    im currently swapping a TDI into my 90 golf and last nite i was wiring up the engine bay and came across a problem. the engine is a 1Z from a 96 passat and the engine bay harness is from a 98 jetta. i have a white 2-pin connector near the starter that should go to the A/C cut-off switch in...
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    90 Golf TDI conversion

    this friday i started converting my 90 golf 2.0 16v into a TDI. the swap parts came from both a 98 jetta and a 96 passat that i parted out. the fuel tank, fuel lines, engine bay harness, subframe, steering rack and p/s hoses, heater case and instrument cluster came from the jetta, the rest from...
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    TDI wiring question

    im going over my engine harness identifying and labeling all the connectors ill need (or wont need) to land for my swap and i ran into a dilema. i cant seem to find where the main fusebox B+ feed wire lands. the earlier jetta wiring shows the main fusebox power lands at Y3 and the glow plug...
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    PART OUT: 96 passat TDI

    i picked this car up to complete the parts i need for a TDI swap into my 90 golf. the car was complete when i got to it. below is a list of parts not available, anything not on the list feel free to make me an offer. i have no room to strip this car and store the parts so act quick cuz when im...
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    intake manifold cleaning

    for the record i already read the FAQ. i took the manifold off my 1Z engine today and it was pretty gunked up. i scraped off what i could with a flathead screwdriver then i taped the inlet with duct tape and filled it with acetone to loosen up what was left my question is does anyone have a...
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    1Z engine with AHU bay harness.....

    will it work without issue? i have a 96 1Z from a passat and the engine bay harness from a 98 AHU jetta. i like the packaging and cleanliness of the jetta harness better than the passat harness and would prefer to use that in the conversion in my 90 golf. but what im worried about is if...
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    1Z downpipe question....

    i just picked up a 96 passat TDI that will be donating its heart to my 1990 golf and i just recently parted a 98 jetta that will be supplying all the parts from that wont work from the passat while tearing down the passat engine tonite i noticed a braided line threaded onto the passat downpipe...
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    PART OUT: 98 jetta TDI

    **EDIT** the car has already gone to the junkyard, here is what i have left. black door cards (manual windows, manual mirrors) - $75 black seats (great condition, drivers bolsters not crushed) - $100 driv. side headlight (pass. sold) - $25 taillights with license plate filler - $50 radiator...