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    FS 03 TDI Jetta Wagon GL

    Wife wants a minivan so the Jetta has to go car is from AZ now in Magnoila TX, New shocks and struts. 2inch lift, Silver paint w/BLK interior, 5 speed, everything else is stock. will post pics as soon as I detail it, it has almost 76,000 miles on it, with synthetic oil from day one. Asking...
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    Ac going wacky

    It hot as hell around here lately and my wifes Jettas Ac is messing up, it blows cold for a while then hot for a while back and forth. So I put a pressure gauge on it and its way over pressured when it blows hot and then the pressure drops and it finnally blows cool, Sounds like some sort of...
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    Low on blinker fluid?

    I haven't been here in a while but recently my wife Jetta is flashing a engine code and the blinker indicater is going off for no reason and not shutting off after using the blinker, like the relay is stuck or the swich itself is bad, and I might buy a VagCom but I don't know which one to get...
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    Polo TDI motor?

    Does anyone know anything about the Polo TDI motors? I'm told they are 3 cylinder turbo. I'm working on a A1 and I'm not to excited about the gas motor.
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    Having TDI Problems

    Ok The wife today said the engine light came on and the glow plug light was flashing, I looked at it, and it wouldn't do it for me, I guess time to look for a vagcom?
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    BB turbo, Injectors, and misc for 99-03 7.3 PSD

    BB turbo with pedistal and 3 inch intakes,boots and Down pipe $1500 obo + shipping(this turbo is loud but a must for more air), 275cc injectors $1500 no cores needed (these are high perfromance injectors 400+hp)+ shipping include 4 pos. chip $200(chip is programmed for the 275s), Modded IDM with...
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    Heed help finding rear window washing reservoir

    Hey guys im having problems finding the rear reservoir for the window washer on my wifes Jetta wagon, If you can help Thanks Trap
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    Radio Reception Problems

    I seem to get a lot more static on my radio than i think is acceptiable, anyone have any suggestion on where to start?
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    Radio problems

    I have a 03 Jetta can anyone tell me hoew to get the stock radio out im having reception problems, any sug estions?
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    Lift for jettas

    I know somone has made a lift for the Jettas and Golfs i have lost their addys and i also though metalnerd was working on a kit?? any help will be appreciated thanks Trapper
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    Looking for the preventative migrant water mod

    I have seen this mod on a few guys mod list. What is it and how? Thanks Trapper
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    Any Phx TDIers going to the VW BUGN at Firebird?

    I want to go but dont know if i will see any Diesel action?? oh ya its this weekend the 17th
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    Rules on swaping a Diesel motor into a gas vehicle

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on legally swaping a Diesel motor, I know their has to be some federal laws and state laws Any help will be appreciated
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    Anyone have any Bullydog TDI experences

    I know Bully Dog sells a computer device that plugs in between the pump and computer, anyone done this???
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    Lifting a TDI Jetta Wagon???

    I use to know of a web page that sold lifts for the subarus and other imports anyone know of one??? or how to lift one??? I will be living out in the desert this summer just looking for some more ground clearance.
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    Almost as good as jbg profile pic check this out

    95 Ford F-350 4x4 Ext Cab, Cummins 6CTAA 8.3, Fuller 9 Speed, 14 inch twin disk clutch, Rack and Pinion Steering, 4 wheel - 4 piston Wilwood Caliper Disc Brakes, 6 inch exhaust system, Jacobs exhaust...
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    Newbe question

    Anyone have any suggestions on which TDI to get im more leaning twords a regular Jetta TDI but dont know if thier were any bad years to watch out for?