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    NMS Passat OEM cargo nets (2)

    Never used, still in plastic container. Free. Shipping? I'm in Fort Worth, TX. PM me.
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    DFW region only: 2009 Jetta JSW wheels/Michelin XIce tires

    F/S: 16" wheels, OEM 2009 JSW, 10 (fat) spoke, 205/55 x 16" Michelin XIce tires, both with 20k documented miles. Garage stored in TX for 2 years, exceptionally clean, zero curb rash. Virtually new. Local to North Texas/DFW region only. Make me an offer, private message me. Can send photos to...
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    FS: OEM VW roof cross bars and 3 bike racks 2009>>>JSW

    FS: OEM VW roof cross bars and 3 bike racks 2009>>>JSW Would prefer local (DFW Texas) sale. Make me an offer.
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    09 JSW: unusual creaking sounds

    09 JSW, 94k miles. When rolling very slowly, in or out of gear, there are arrhythmic creaking sounds coming from the front end, also while turning steering wheel r-l. Here's the 3rd try at getting a video clip to work:
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    2009 JSW DSG: elevated coolant temps

    2009 JSW DSG, 90k miles, Revo tune. All ambient temp 55-85f. On the highway, I'm seeing cruising (65-70mph) temps elevated from the normal 198f to 204-206f. Also, during regens, temps have changed from 206-210f, now go from 212-216f. Around town, in traffic, coolant stays where it has...
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    SEL: Seat memory module

    2014 SEL, 20k miles. Driver's seat memory no longer retains seat position memory. Opening the door, the seat doesn't move to the appropriate setting. The dealer says they'll replace the "seat memory module". I don't know the part number yet. Dealer says "this is uncharted territory" for them...
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    10k miles: Code: "P040D: Signal too high"

    I've been searching, this sounds familiar but I can't find anything. VCDS says: EGR Temperature Sensor 1, P040D 00: Signal too High. Dealer has the car, they are looking for a cause before replacing the sensor. Put me in a 2014 Jetta gasser...(oh my, what a slug) Is...
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    Trusted Guru" oil overfill

    "Trusted Guru" oil overfill very first experience with a "guru", vs. a dealership. 1) After fully discussing the issues of oil overfill, and the importance of siphoning out the oil filter canister, when I got home I managed to extract almost a full liter of oil, and am still not...
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    Brake dust stain

    2009 Ronal OEM wheels, only used in the winters, so they get washed/waxed before summer storage. This winter, the wheels didn't get washed frequently, and the rears are now stained with brake dust (from the excessive heat of the rear-bias?) I can remove the stain with my fingernail (very...
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    Brake pedal movement creaks/clicks

    Seems like a trivial question: New car, 400 miles...every brake pedal application begins its travel with slight resistance, a "click" feeling, and a barely audible creaking sound. Any thoughts?
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    EGTs on ScangaugeII

    Tried to search. What's the coding to read pre-turbo EGTs for my 2009 JSW? Thanks.
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    Tires for Texas concrete: 2009 JSW

    Help! I'm moving from mostly asphalt (DC region) to mostly concrete (DFW region). I'm at 70k, stock suspension, need 225/45 x 17 to replace my awful, loud, grinding, lumpy Goodyear Eagle LS2 tires. I just spent 2 more days in the DFW region, rental car, (Ford Focus) ContiProContacts, and...
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    Sirius renewal

    I couldn't find a Sirius thread in the NMS Passat section, so thought I'd post this in a new thread. I just renewed my contract with Sirius, 2 cars, at the same rate as last year, $195.58 for both cars. Just like last year, they initially said there would be an increase, and when I balked...
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    30k brake fluid service under warranty

    I thought the 2yr/30k brake fluid service was a complete flush and fill. Now my dealer tells me it's a simple "brake fluid refresh", only siphoning out fluid from the reservoir. He claims contaminants collect there, and it's a viable service. Expert opinions on this, please? Sounds bogus to me.
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    FS: New Frostheater and OEM grill for 2012>>>NMS Passat

    FS: Never installed Frostheater and OEM left front grill piece (with cutout for securely running 120v. cord) for 2012> NMS Passat: About $250 in value. Asking $150 OBO. Don't know about shipping costs, but shouldn't be huge for the lower 48 (although only the northern 48 would even consider...
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    2014 Audi A-6 TDI pricing

    For those of you that have been waiting for a USA version Audi A-6 TDI, you'd better be sitting down when you read this. MSRP: $58, 395...according to the July 8 AutoWeek. ...makes the Passat TDI an even better buy, doesn't it?
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    F/S Frostheater for 2012>>> NMS Passat TDI

    F/S: 1) Frostheater for 2012>>> NMS Passat TDI. New in box, never installed. 2) VW OEM grill piece (for SEL with foglights) with a molded in eliptical hole for the plug end. 3) Marinco 15A marine grade plug. (Plug will need to be shaved to fit the hole, then epoxied in. Paid $150, 60, and 20...
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    F/s: 2009 jsw tdi dsg

    63k miles, Reflex silver/Anthracite pleather, always correct oil, Pano-roof, 6-disc Premium sound system, FrostHeater. One set of 17" MonteCarlos, purchased new from dealer, 1 set of 16" stock wheels. Have used OptiLube XPD since about 7k miles. Original brakes. Maintained by TDIClub fanatic...
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    I've been a member here since Jan. 2009. Daily reader/contributor. I just received a solicitation from MyVWInsurance. Any experiences to report? I've been with Geico for 20+ years, only had one claim (rear-ended...uninsured...18 years ago) and that claim was handled very quickly and...
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    OEM Passat TDI battery

    I removed the plastic covering my battery cell covers, to access and check the electrolyte level. I find the length of the tube inside the cells to be so long/deep that I can't accurately gauge the height of the electrolyte, even with a flashlight. Should the electrolyte be "cupping" at the...