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    North Texas/Oklahoma Wine & Cheese Run

    Folks from DFW (and Oklahoma City) took a recent drive through the country in to Oklahoma. If you've not visited the horse country north of Denton and the area around Lake Murray in Oklahoma, I highly recommend it. It's a great day trip from DFW or Oklahoma City. More photos can be found...
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    DFW GTG - Meet, drive, eat and eat some more!

    Mark your calendars, fill your tanks (or hold out for some cheap north-of-the-border diesel) and bring your cameras! It’s time for a summer-time jaunt through the countryside (in air conditioned comfort). Make plans to join the fun on Saturday, July 26, 2003, departing Denton, Texas, around...
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    Fault help

    '96 Passat TDI with an intermittent MIL showed: Controller 028 906 021 FA Component: G00SG 1453 Coding: 00002 Shop #: WSC 25066 1 Fault Found: 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 37-10 - Faulty - Intermittent Any B4 experts recognize this?
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    Another vag-com resource in DFW

    I now have vag-com (because I'm a techno-junkie) and the A4 Bentley CD (because it sure beats popping off random body panels looking for places to route cable). I am willing to meet with anyone in need of diagnostics/EGR mod/etc. You are also welcome to drop by for a brew (Killian's is nice)...
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    I'm Almost One of You!

    I\'m Almost One of You! I went to go visit my new black on black Jetta Wagon GLS TDI - manual, ESP, leather, Monsoon. I've only to drop by at 6 o'clock to sign the papers and it's MINE!!!!! Hmmm... wonder if I can rack up 500 miles before bedtime... Thanks to all forum members for the...