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    2004 Passat TDI wagon (SF Bay area) $5000

    Its time for me to sell this car. I've owned it for almost 10 years, and can't really afford to maintain it now. I'm ready for something new. Here's the scoop: - 2004 Passat GLS TDI wagon, 162,300 miles. Body/interior about 6.5/10; engine/mechanical about 8/10. Clean title, no accidents, just...
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    After DieselGate, could B5.5's increase in value?

    I thought I read that the Calif/Federal settlement on DieselGate requires VW to either buy back the affected cars or modify them to pass emission standards. So I wonder-- Is an affected owner required to do one of these? (if not I suppose the car could not be re-registered..) I'm guessing most...
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    Computer won't set readiness- now what?

    So, back from the shop; not fixed and smogged yet, but at least a possible reason--- They found that the ECM/ECU has a different version # from spec, possibly from an RC chip tune I had done about 4 years ago. That was erased (I thought) by a later recall, I think for glow plugs. The shop had...
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    Computer won't set readiness- now what?

    Good suggestions, but Idont think they pan out. I've logged way over 500 miles since this started, in all kinds of driving, and driving the the published reset procedure. I pulled the egr and its clean- I sprayed it out with carbo cleaner too. Checked & cleaned all the wiring to tHe egr too...
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    Computer won't set readiness- now what?

    Hi all- I've been mostly lurking here for a couple years. I still have an 04 wagon, now with 156000 miles. It's been geared, had the tranny replaced, and had most of the usual faults that the Passat TDI is known for. Now I can't smog & re-register the car because the computer reports that the...
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    startup problems- clicks, flashes- battery?

    thank you all- I cleaned/reset the cables and problem is solved. Oh, showed the photo to my mechanic & and was told that the sensor is capped & un-used; may be something in the harness installed for other model passats.
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    startup problems- clicks, flashes- battery?

    I haven't tested the battery yet, but it should be fine- replaced about 30K miles ago...
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    startup problems- clicks, flashes- battery?

    I have an 04 Passat wagon, 155k. Unchained, but no special engine mods. A couple weeks ago I did a heater core flush that got me near the battery, but AFAIK I never disturbed it. Since then I have had trouble starting the car when its been sitting for hours. (outside temp is never close to...
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    Sunroof Glass Rattling

    re- moonroof / sunroof rattle I just fixed a rattle on my 04 B5.5 Passat. Perhaps the assembly is similar. There is an old thread on VWvortex but the links to the posted diagrams seem to have expired. but some assembly diagrams are visible via Google image search. This image shows a side view...
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    Bike rack

    Here in California some folks with hitch racks have gotten tickets because the rack obscures the rear license plate, even tho there were no bike on the rack. Just sayin'....
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    B5.5 Wagon Hatch

    this happens to mine also, and neither I nor my mechanic could find the source. I'll also look at the struts, but that seems like an unlikely location for water to run into the frame of the hatch...
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    Engine went into Limp condition: Need turbo hose lower

    mine blew out a few months ago - cost about the same.....
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    Major Loss of Power

    I had the exact same symptoms and it was a split boost hose- cost $400 to replace the hose below the turbo. this was the 2nd one to break.....
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    Water leak at rear hatch.

    Mine leaks too and I have been unable to find out where. I took the rear panel off the interior and sat inside while my son sprayed down the car- could not see anything. I silicone-caulked the entire rim of the glass- still leaks. My driveway slopes a bit, and I get most water insidewhen the car...
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    Fix it or sell it?

    I'm in the exact same situation, tho I've opted to fix the transmission and evaluate keeping or selling a bit later. This car has been a pleasure to drive, but I'm about ready to cut my losses. Here in the SF Bay area I think I'll do all right selling it- the body is not pristine but a...
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    Transmission TC Poll

    Thanks for starting this poll- I wanted to do the same. I'm voting "TC code and tranny replaced" even tho I haven't yet replaced the transmission- I'm not fully decided that its worth it to keep this car. I had not flushed the tranny fluid previously, but IMHO this just should not happen to...
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    Time for as sticky thread on TC/ transmission failure

    No, it had a clean bill of health.
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    Time for as sticky thread on TC/ transmission failure

    There's a very sour taste in my mouth right now as I contemplate $4k for a new tranny. I had no TC codes in Jan when I did the 100k minor service. took it in on Monday for new front brakes & had the TC code for a leaky seal. Then yesterday I lose power, big shudder, limp mode all gear indicators...
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    click-click-click: turn signal relay?

    The video and pics are a great help-thanks! I'll try some air first and check the contacts.
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    click-click-click: turn signal relay?

    The click-click-click from my turn signal continues in random fashion for a minute or more after a turn. It comes from somewhere in the center console behind the radio. Can someone direct me to the source? The turn signal/stalk works fine, and there are no burned-out bulbs. Thanks!