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    MN Chat Thread

    The 21st Looking to attend my fist gtg, and i just so happen to have the 21st off unlike the last few gtg's. Thanks for the heads up GreenGeeker!
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    Most OE looking aftermarket Head Unit?

    Taking your suggestion to call the people whose product I would like information about, novel I know, I am now egerly awaiting not one but two kdc-mp32u receivers. One for the jetta and one for my car. The installation kit only refers to a possible trim piece for any gap left over after...
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    Most OE looking aftermarket Head Unit?

    really need mp3 input!! I really like this as an alternative to my stock Monsoon any installation tips(2000 jetta)? The Crutchfield site says: Installation Details Fits...
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    Updated today to 8050 VCDS

    The update did resolve the error message.
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    Updated today to 8050 VCDS

    I am glad that you knew this, so do I now. This thread was only intended to help those who may have not noticed that small detail. Not very many applications change there installation path like this.
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    Updated today to 8050 VCDS

    One I don't run vista, thats where the "assumed it would be in the same location" comes in.
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    Updated today to 8050 VCDS

    Just a heads up, the latest update for vag-com, VCDS 8050 installed to c:rosstech/vcds/logs not c:/program file/vag-com/logs. Just in case anyone else updates and assumed the update would be the same name and location as previous software. Personally I spent half a day checking fault codes...
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    I-94 Mn 3-28-07

    spotted on I-94 heading west @ about three pm caught up to you near the fishlake interchange and then in Monticello lic# NNN-### member?
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    Baby car seat

    car seat After visiting the local police station, and talking with the specialist at the hospital we bought a graco car seat. We found that most of the really expensive seats did not do better (not worse either) in test crashes than this mid priced seat. We knew ahead of time that the seat was...