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    Front end alignment, Panzer plate no longer fits

    So I just did balljoints and control arm bushings on my '02 Jetta. Afterwards, I had Goodyear do an alignment check and ultimately align the front end. I left the panzer plate off when I brought it over for the alignment, which might have been a mistake. Looking at the bentley, it seems the...
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    Citation for TDI FAQ?

    In the TDI FAQ section 5 it mentions a study by the University of Minnesota titled "real world vehicle testing report". Is this the proper title? Does anyone know the authors? Or the journal in which it was published? I've looked on both Google and Google Scholar but have been unable to find...
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    No TDIs on

    Why are there no TDIs listed on The only model I could find with a TDI option was the Taurig in a 10-cylinder model. Does this have something to do with recent regulations, or does VW just think there's not enough interest in these vehicles? I saw a thread recently about a 2008 TDI...