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    Adblue Freefills, anyone getting push back?

    My interpretation of part of the "Fix" was that VW would provide free refill of AdBlue as the use was going to go up. In fact on page 5 of the VW fix literature it states that. My dad recently went to get an Adblue free fill and was denied, even though he showed them the pamphlet. Unfortunately...
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    2014 Q5 HPFP failure after fix.

    Last February I bought this car to replace our 12 Touareg. The vehicle suffered with a random MIL and flashing glow plug light that would light when I tried to use the Start/Stop feature. The MIL would clear with a code reader. I took it in for service under the bridge warranty and they told me...
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    2014 A7 TDI Prestige, For Sale

    2014 A7 TDI Prestige, 27K miles perfect shape. Located in Oregon. OBO.
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    11/6/17, can't schedule 3.0 fix...surprised.

    I'm so very surprised that VW isn't keeping their word in regards to the 3.0 fix. I called three different dealerships today attempting to schedule the fix for my 14 Touareg. Nope, no parts, no stickers...cant schedule. Oh, and the word is that this isn't going to be a 3 hour tour, dealerships...
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    3.0 G n II fix approved

    I was at the VW dealership turning in a gen I today and the ambassador said that the 3.0 Gen II fix was approved. She called the customer service line and the r cording indicated that the 3.0 and the 2.0 fix was approved. Nothing in writing that I have seen. DISREGARD###DISREGARD####DISREGARD#####
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    Gen I, 3.0 Salvage title vehicles all ineligible

    Friday the 28th I received news that my 2011 Touareg was not eligible for the program. "Vehicle is not eligible - Your vehicle is not eligible to participate in the Settlement Program." It appears that many other Salvage title claims have been denied recently so I thought I would start a...
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    Gen II 3.0 speculation(s).

    With the supply of Gen I 3.0 cars drying up (near dead), I am curious if any other Diesel-gate buyers are speculating on Gen II cars and what are you looking for if you are? Here are my thoughts on Gen II speculation, what say you? 1. I think speculating on Gen II vehicles is a semi safe bet...
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    Anyone get approval on Salvage Title 3.0?

    As the title says, has anyone received an approval on a salvage titled Gen I 3.0 Touareg or Q7 yet?
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    3.0 Mileage tables, not accurate.

    Just reviewing some documents and planning buy backs for the 3.0's and I realized that VW's tables for mileage can't be correct. Unless I am mistaken they will be broken down further because they allow 1250 miles per month, or am I missing something?
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    Buying 10 Gen 1 TDI's

    I hear of people buying and selling 10-20+ of these TDI's. I would like to know if anyone has experienced any flak from VW, or anyone else for that matter. It appears that anyone able to purchase multiple cars and profit from them would be considered a good business man or an opportunist, others...
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    IDParts Winter front PASSAT

    Two piece item from ID parts, used two winters. In good shape. $105 new from ID Parts and a bag hook for the trunk. $50
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    Risks buying 09-12 Treg's after 2/14/17

    After looking at the numbers for the Gen 1 3.0 buybacks I am inclined to buy as many 9-12 Touaregs and Q7' TDI's as I can get my hands on. Did anyone do this for the 2.0 settlement and how did they come out? Anything to worry about?
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    2013 Passat Manual, shuddering clutch?

    I have a 13 Passat that i have owned since new, over the last few months whenever their is rain or wet weather the first time I leave there is a "shuddering" or a "Juddering" at the top of clutch engagement, 70K miles. Of course it's much wetter now and is happening quite a bit. It was dry today...
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    First gear problems, manual trans.

    Recently I have noticed that it is difficult at times to engage 1st gear when downshifting. Sometimes it takes shifting back into 2nd gear twice before I can get it into 1st. I'm thinking synchros, anyone else suffering from this issue? It's especially frustrating for the wife who does more in...
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    Intercooler GUNK, green. Thoughts?

    I recently blew a lower IC hose, when I removed the hose there was quite a bit of green gunk inside the hose and cooler. Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas on what it might be? No particular smell, but had an oily feel.
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    CEL + flashing Glow plug...

    Sunday I was driving and had a CEL illuminate. Understanding that a solid CEL wasn't an Emergency situation I checked things out and continued on my way. A few miles later I was trying to get home with the Cruise set at 65 MPH and noticed that I had lost speed as I was climbing a hill. I turned...
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    52,599 miles, first problem:coolant!

    First things first, car has been fabulous to date. 3rd gear cold shutter and that's it. Car has averaged 50+ MPG lifetime. I get in car this AM and immediately get a flashing red coolant light and an MFD warning; Coolant, check owners manual. I popped the hood to see that there isn't any "pink"...
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    best deals on 2015's?

    My dad is wanting a 2015 Passat DSG with NAV and asked me to find the best deal for him. What avenues are people using to get the best deals these days? I ran it on Edmunds and it showed a price of $28K. Thanks
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    Most miles between DEF refill?

    I did my first service myself at 40K miles a couple of months ago and didn't refill the DEF, so the last time it was filled was a the dealer at the 30K service. I now have 46K miles and my plan is to wait until I get the warning to add DEF. At the "free" dealership services, I asked the...
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    Erratic speedometer

    I have recently noticed that my speedo has a little "tick". It's very obvious when I am climbing a 2 mile, 6% grade on the way home every day.,The speedo seems to bounce just a bit. Does anyone else have this tick/bounce?? It isn't a huge deal, just curious. Thanks!