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    Chip for 2007 E320 CDI Bluetech?

    Not yet, but I stumbled across this thread while searching for tuning options. :D
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    Another awesome GTG in Eugene anyone??

    Did someone say lift? I've been putting off some suspension work on the Golf, that could just be the motivation that I need to get it done.
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    FS: Valeo O1M Starter

    I had a good experience purchasing from s.pavel6 recently, FWIW.
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    Eugene GTG date set Sunday March 6th

    I guess I need to get the interior put back in the Golf if I'm going to make this one. ;)
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    Eugene OR GTG in Feb? Anyone interested?

    Depending on which weekend, I'm in.
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    Washington tdi owners

    I'm looking forward to this GTG, it's been a few years for me. Hopefully I can stand being stock for that long.
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    Broken Timing Belt on '02 Jetta TDI

    Or you could find a semi local forum member that has a spare 87 300D he'd trade for it. :cool:
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    FS: 2003 VW Jetta TDI 5 spd

    Any interior pics? Nice Glocks, btw. :cool:
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    replacing steering wheel with multifunction wheel

    skicrave, I happen to have a complete wheel/airbag/harness/controller from an '03 sitting in my garage, and I'm local. PM me if you're interested.
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    European name for Jetta IV TDI sedan(03)

    Keep looking - they're out there. I suppose it's possible they were never sold in Ireland. Here's a press release from VW back in 2003 talks about the specs for the German market.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    VWGMDIESELFAN, I think I have a stock shift knob and boot laying around that I pulled of my TDI when it was new. If I can find it, it's yours.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    Jim, I'll be there, and will be happy to give you a hand. Least I can do, since I've never managed to be around on weekends that've been good for you to come by and swap them in.
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    European name for Jetta IV TDI sedan(03)

    There's a slight difference in the taillights - On the Bora they are all red, but the turn signal lights up amber, while on the Golf the turn signal lens is amber. The Bora would typically be better optioned, also.
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    European name for Jetta IV TDI sedan(03)

    MKIV Bora Variants (wagons) were indeed available in Europe, along with Golf Estates.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    If anybody is interested in a complete autodimming mirror/rainsensor or complete MFA steering wheel setup, let me know. I have both that I'd like to sell, complete with everything you need to install them, even pre-made wiring harnesses. If there's any interest, I'll toss them in the trunk.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    Looks like JetPuf is first in line for the steelies, with Michael right behind him.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    Speaking of rims, I have a set of MKIV steelies that I no longer need. They're free for the taking, and I'd be happy to bring them to the GTG.
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    Here's a great thread on installing fogs the OEM way. I'd strongly suggest this method and will be happy to provide guidance in doing so.