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    TDIHeater installed.

    Get one of these. That's all I have to say. Took about half an hour to install, and I tried it out this morning. Get one of these. I had the battery out to install my new glowplug harness (No more CEL. Thanks, Aaron) and it was a breeze. This is a must-have device for the winter season. I'm...
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    Every time I'm in Europe...

    So I travel to Europe every year or so, and I always find something I can't live without. The last couple of times, it's been Polo TDIs. This time, however, we finally encountered a VW TDI that my WIFE can't live without. This is saying something. Cross Golf 2.0 TDI. Saw one sitting on the...
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    Immobilizer question

    The car ('03 Golf) has failed to start on the first try a couple of times recently, and I checked the code today. Here's what I've got: 17978 Engine start blocked by immobilizer and 01176 Key 07-10 signal too low - intermittent What does all it mean? Thanks.
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    New tires for Gern's Golf

    New tires for Gern\'s Golf 205/55/16 tires for best MPG as well as long life. Suggestions? I've managed to beat my Dunlop SP A2's into submission, and I'm looking for something a little longer-lived and capable of maximum economy and a perhaps longer life than the Dunlops.
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    Got a ruined VNT-15 you want to unload?

    Looking for a VNT-15 turbo/manifold. Broken, busted, ruined, cracked, seized, turbine-less, whatever. Cheap, of course.
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    Seat belt warning

    Not sure if I'm missing something, but I'd like to eliminate the seat belt warning in my '03 Golf. I can get rid of the dash light, but not the warning tone. Is there any way to ditch the sound? I got rid of the door-open chime by switching to UK settings (I wanted a 24 hr clock, anyway), but...
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    A4 Manual nozzles (.184's) from my '03 Golf

    A4 Manual nozzles (.184\'s) from my \'03 Golf Finally installed my PP520 nozzles from Kerma yesterday, so I've got a set of excellent-condition .184 nozzles with less than 21,000 miles on 'em. This is an excellent, simple-do-do, and cheap upgrade for you guys with automatics (.158's)...
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    PP 520's installed today

    PP 520\'s installed today Finally installed my PP520's today. Thanks to Thom and my buddy Roy for helping out (and helping me get rid of all those evil donuts!) The new nozzles were installed per Davin's excellent How-To and some good pointers from Tom. This mod is fairly simple to do, too...
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    My Brother in the News

    Here is an article from today's Portland Oregonian about my brother and his Jetta, which he just converted to run on veggie oil. And here are some pics of the install. Kinda' neat.
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    basic TDI technology question

    OK, I understand how the 2-stage injectors make every combustion event a smooth one-two punch, and I looked at the pump pics that DBW posted. Can someone explain in very basic terms, how the ECU varies fuel timing and quantity? Thanks.
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    Easy to pull my engine cover now. WIDGETS!!

    Got my OldNavy/Stanco Engine Cover Kit today. 10 minutes to install. I love it. now you can just lift the engine cover off in 5 seconds (great for checking your OldNavy CCV filter.) No need to get the 10mm socket out and risk dropping it into the depths of the engine compartment.
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    Free stuff

    This stuff didn't make it to the dump last month, so here's one more shot if somebody needs 'em: OEM suspension off my Golf. Springs and struts. 1,500 miles, great shape. A/C vents. I upgraded to Jetta vents (had to have the doggone lights.) Great shape. Free to good home. You pick 'em up.
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    3 tank average over 50 mpg in town

    50.8, 49.8, 50.4 with my '03 Golf. Mostly city commute to work (8 miles each way) with a couple of trips on I-5 to PDX and back. You REALLY have to play the game to get this kind of mileage driving around town. Slowed down a little on the up hill sections, accelerated a little on the down...
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    A/C Vents from '03 Golf

    A/C Vents from \'03 Golf Broken vent or two in your Golf? I have a complete set of good-as-new Golf dash vents for sale. I upgraded to Jetta vents and have these perfect units for sale. $50, you pick 'em up. Check out the dealer price on these babies and then give me a call. Sorry, not...
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    Jetta vents installed on the Golf today.

    Well, I got the Jetta vents installed and wired up today. About an hour and a half including soldering up the wiring harness to hook the lights up to the dimmers. ( I hate crimped connections) For all you Jetta drivers out there who may not know it, your A/C vents are way cooler than our Golf...
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    Double Din Drivers HELP

    So I'm complaining the other day to my brother ('03 Jetta TDI) about how the vents on my '03 golf don't light up and I had to spend the coin for Jetta vents, and we're talking about installing 'em next weekend and we're looking at the balance/fader/etc. labels on the double-din Monsoon and I...
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    EGT temp limits

    What is the temperature limitation on our VNT15 turbochargers? I couldn't find anything on Garrett's site. Thanks.
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    TT Shifter Installed Today

    With a little help from Thom, and a healthy dose of donuts and coffee, We got the TT shifter installed on the Golf today. This is truly a 5 minute job once you've got the airbox removed. I think I've got exactly what I was looking for. It only cuts the fore-and-aft throw on the shifter a...
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    TT shifter

    Anyone got the P/N for the Audi TT shift mechanism for my '03 Golf? I wanna' go OEM. I understand that the earlier cars have different fasteners. so there's a different part for post-'02 units. Thanks.
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    Golf E-code Question

    Finally hooked up the wiring to the levelling motors this afternoon, and whilst I was adjusting the lights, I was reminded how high the high beams are when the lows are aimed properly. Any way to adjust the high beams relative to the lows?