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  1. markward

    2016 Speedometer Correction VCDS

    Hello, had an owner in today. He has installed larger diameter tires on his 2016 Touareg and the speedo is reading slower than actual verified with GPS. Using VCDS and you tube, we had no success using long coding or adaption in the instruments section of the software. No obvious solution in the...
  2. markward

    How to identify pump sprocket bolts

    Hello, I don't normally work on TDI's and when I did my timing belt on my ALH I replaced the pump bolts that can be reused. We have an ALH 1.9 that is new to us getting the head replaced. The owner has no idea if the pump bolts have been updated. Unfortunately, it's been so long I can't...
  3. markward

    01237 - Fuel Shut-Off Valve (N109): Open/Short to Ground

    Hello, Not sure where to post, but will start here. I have a 1.9 TDI from a 98 Beetle installed in our Vanagon. Have had 45,000 trouble free miles. Recently, out of the blue going down the highway the engine has quit. If I cycle the key, it restarts. I have recorded this fault. 01237 - Fuel...
  4. markward

    Fault Codes after replacing battery

    Hello, I had to replace the battery in our 2010 JSW. It took interstate battery over a day to get the replacement. I had the old one sitting out of the car for the warranty exchange for that period of time. Installed the new battery. Car was fine prior to the battery dying overnight for no...
  5. markward

    Ale tdi ?

    AEL tdi ? Hello, a friend called tonight for a German couple traveling in the US with a TDI powered Vanagon Syncro from Germany. They believe the engine is coming apart. It is either an ALE or AEL. Unfortunately they are about 5 hours away. So that I can have an idea if I can be of assistance...
  6. markward

    Multiple Faults Displayed

    Hello, out of the blue, my wife's 2011 Jetta Sportwagen, started displaying multiple faults in the speedometer face. Air Bag, ABS, Traction Control, and low tire pressure are all illuminated. I need to get the later VCDS cable to connect, but for now, was curious if there is a common failure...
  7. markward

    1Z -AHU vs ALH or later

    Hello, I have an 82 vanagon 2wd camper with an ALH conversion. Very satisfied with the results. One thing I learned was that the earlier 1Z or AHU was an easier swap because some of the original diesel parts, oil pan, mounts to a degree etc could be reused instead of fabricated from scratch...
  8. markward

    98 ALH Hard Start only hot.

    Hello, I have a 98 ALH engine in my VW Vanagon. Have about 20,000 miles on the conversion. A problem showed up a little time ago, but was intermittent. Seems to happen more often. The engine starts fine cold, but if I drive it to temperature and then park it for 15mins, it will crank, but won't...
  9. markward

    The good, bad, and the ugly

    My wife took her 2011 JSW to the dealer for its 10K service. They even washed the car. They also replaced the r/f dust cap for free. The original disappeared and we were willing to replace it. Figured someone had grabbed it and was wearing it as a medalion now. The dealer replaced it and stated...
  10. markward

    ALH AC Compressor Help

    This is sort of a cross post. I have the aftermarket AC system installed into my Vanagon. It is an aftermarket vintage air unit. I was not exactly happy with the vent temperatures and decided to dig into it further. I am using the Sanden SD7 V16 compressor that came stock in the New Beetle TDI...
  11. markward

    Wiring diagram/pinout for Scangauge II

    Hello, my search did not yield the information I was looking for. Hopefully someone can point me. I would like to hardwire my ScanGauge to the ODB II harness rather than using the supplied harness. Spent a good part of the afternoon with an ohm meter trying to meter it all out. Two of the pins...
  12. markward

    Serpentine Belt Question ALH

    Currently I have a small serpentine belt running only my alternator. I am using the stock pulleys and belt tensioner. Getting ready to install the A/C compressor and was hoping someone new the belt dimensions or better a belt part number that will let me run the alternator and compressor, but...
  13. markward

    A/C compressor adapter fittings?

    Sorry for the similar post. I might have been unclear in my original post. I want to use the factory VW A/C compressor with my conversion. The factory lines are not usable in my application. I am looking for either compressor adapter fittings or a different compressor end plate. It is a Sanden...
  14. markward

    A/C install TDI powered Vanagon

    A/C Compressor Adapter Fittings Hello, over the last few weeks I have started to install an aftermarket air conditioner into my TDI powered Vanagon. I am at the parts collection stage and have run into a small snag. My intention is to use the OE Sanden SD7V16 Compressor 1JO 820 803 A. I can't...
  15. markward

    Need Diesel Injector Blow Apart Diagram

    Diesel Injector Schematic blow apart Never mind. Thank you
  16. markward

    Injector Fuel Line Threads?

    Hello, I was going to make a slide hammer adapter for removing my injectors from my ALH engine. My question, are the fuel line thread diameter and pitch the same as the diesel injectors from an NA 1.6? I found a thread that states the threads of the later injector are 14mm x 1.5 pitch. That...
  17. markward

    Intake Temperature IAT question

    I realize that Intake temperature is affected by ambient temperature altitude and load. Could someone tell me an average of what the IAT should be when the ambient temperature is around 85 degrees under acceleration load? I did use the search. The reason for my question is my TDI is in a...
  18. markward

    Looking for Weld in Bung Map Sensor ALH

    I need some help please. Last week I was reading a thread about upgrading the intercooler and pipes. There was a link to a weld in bung for the MAP sensor. For the life of me can't find it now. I have searched here, Diesel Geek and Kerma websites. Does anyone know what I am looking for and where...
  19. markward

    ALH Turbo Outlet Hose ?

    Hello, I am in the process of cleaning up the turbo hoses and pipes on my Vanagon Conversion. My intercooler has 2 inch fittings. The outlet of the turbo is around 1.5 inches. The hose I have is a 90 degree elbow. I think it is a cut down radiator hose I found around the shop. I'd like to...
  20. markward

    Dakota Digital Tach Adapter DSL-1

    I posted this in the classified section of this site, but thought it is really more suited for those doing conversions. Moderators, if I have violated the site's policy by cross posting I apologize in advance. Regards. Mark