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  1. e*clipse

    BEW vs European (pd150 or pd115) injector adjuster

    I recently acquired a German AJM PD engine for a project. Part of the project is to upgrade the nozzles to PP1043 nozzles and have the nozzles properly installed and balanced. (and tune, of course :rolleyes:) I've sent the injectors to DBW and learned that the pump piston and ball pin for...
  2. e*clipse

    PD control with EDC15P+

    I've been running a modded 1Z with a 68pin ECU in my Toyota truck for a few years. (Mods in sig) Anyway, it recently bit the dust, triggering my "must be time to upgrade." :D I'm going to replace it with a PD, controlled with an EDC15P+ ECU. I have a few questions to start, regarding the...
  3. e*clipse

    1.9L block information

    Some years ago, I did a 1Z/AHU swap into my Toyota truck. It's worked great until a few days ago, when It may have blown a piston, ring or something; I'm not sure yet. I was looking at replacement options when the thought that "this could be an opportunity" came to my evil mind. :cool...
  4. e*clipse

    High altitude starts

    I know this isn't really a "power enhancement" problem, and its a pretty rare situation, but I'd like to hear from those who are running modded engines. On a recent road trip, we stayed at 9000ft elevation. Temperatures dipped into the 40's F. It wasn't particularly cold, just high elevation...
  5. e*clipse

    Timing belt crank sprocket on 1Z

    I've been helping a friend with timing issues on a 1Z engine: To make a long story short, the crank sprocket was loose and fell off when the bolt was removed. Fortunately, the crank was ok, and only required a little clean up of the mating...
  6. e*clipse

    1997 timing belt slip???

    I just did a timing belt change for a friend's 1997 Jetta TDI. I ONLY put on good components, and this job had an "Old Poopie" timing belt kit from Bleached Bora. It includes all OE parts with a new water pump. The...
  7. e*clipse

    no start 1997 Jetta

    Hello everyone! :) A friend just purchased a non-running 1997 Jetta for a good price. I was asked to help him get it running since I know a little bit about the engine. Enough to be dangerous?? - we'll see...:D I've gone through the "car won't start troubleshooting" section by whitedog...
  8. e*clipse

    remote oil filter

    I installed a spin-on remote oil filter adapter so I could move my oil filter to a more accessible place. This has got to be a common issue for swaps. The problem is the ^%$#^%@ :mad::mad: thing leaks! Like a sieve. I know it's not just my installation, others are having the same problems...
  9. e*clipse

    LED's for conversion instrument clusters

    I just stumbled onto this cool product - It's an LED light that will directly plug into the incandescent light sockets found on Toyotas. As you know, some of the indicator lights from the VW ECM must be LED's. I soldered an led/resistor combo onto my instrument cluster to work around this...
  10. e*clipse

    GT2056 Carnage? or?

    Yesterday I was towing a trailer against a pretty stiff headwind, when a lowder than normal "hissing" sound come from the engine compartment. :confused: EGT at the time was between 1100F and 1200F. Boost was between 15psi and 18psi. Then the exhaust note changed from it's usual hiss to a...
  11. e*clipse

    Tachometers for conversions

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd start a thread about adding a tachometer to a conversion. In general, it shouldn't be too difficult. One just needs to be sure the signal put out by the ECM matches what the tachometer is expecting. I am attempting to connect the stock tachometer on my Toyota...
  12. e*clipse

    Dialing in a big turbo

    Hello everyone! I would like to discuss techniques for dialing in a big turbo upgrade. Any procedures are welcome. :) As everyone knows, simply bolting it on and stomping on the throttle can lead to disasterous results. I've read various forums about the importance of EGT's...
  13. e*clipse

    testing stuff

    test my sig
  14. e*clipse

    startup help

    startup help - ALH IP debugging EDIT In this thread an ALH 11mm pump upgrade was debugged Issues: quantity adjuster feedback quantity adjuster servo pump timing - properly setting an ALH pump's timing I know this sounds like a nooob question, but there I need the help...
  15. e*clipse

    European injection pumps

    Does anyone know anything about this pump? 038130107B It came off a 1997 Golf 4 Is it a 10mm or 11mm pump? Can it be swapped like an ALH pump, using this procedure: Thank you for any help! :)
  16. e*clipse

    TDI powered Dakar race truck

    Have you guys seen this? Some beautiful work; A mid-engine TDI powered race truck. :cool:
  17. e*clipse

    vnt 20 project

    I am starting the process of converting a 1Z motor's vnt-15 to a VNT-20. Yes, that is correct. The current system is this: RC2 with mods for VNT control, among others. A4 MAF, new n75 valve 2 1/2" exhaust exiting in front of the rr wheel. No restrictions. Free flowing intake, Audi FMIC...
  18. e*clipse

    Top Gear does diesel MPG test

    "Why Top Gear made me hate my country last night" Are we a bunch of myopic idiots?
  19. e*clipse

    boost cut question

    I have a '96 1Z motor in a toyota truck w/ the following mods: RC2 w/mods for VNT turbo VNT 15 turbo FMIC, short, low restriction intake plumbing 2.5" exhaust, muffler delete, cat delete I am having some problems with the boost intermittantly cutting out. I've logged a run with the probem...
  20. e*clipse

    First Startup Tips

    First, I apologize for posting this in "power enhancements," but I am not sure where this thread would be most appropriate. I figured the folks who look at these threads are most knowledgable about this topic. I am asking for any tips from those of you who have done motor swaps or complete...