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    2001 TDI A/C compressor mount bolt

    As the title says somewhere along the line one of my A/C compressor mounting bolts disappeared. So… I’m either looking for the P/N or either 2 bolts. Please lmk what you have. Thanks
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    Wtb rear bumper struts Mk iv golf/jetta

    Looking for rear bumper shock absorbers. I just really need the plates that bolt to the rear of the car. I want to make a hidden hitch. Trying to save on shipping so don’t need the entire shock absorber, that or if someone has a picture of the dimensions of the plate with hole locations.
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    New beetle , is there a better head light choice

    As the title says head lights $uck on my 2000 New Beetle. I just installed super bright LED cool blue 4000k bulbs that are not better than the original H1 bulbs I took out. Both the H1 and the LED’s just don’t seem to put out enough lights and only seem to illuminate about 30 feet in front of...
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    Passenger front door

    Ok this will now be my 3rd door that’s been stuck in the locked position , so far its been both back doors on my 2001 golf. Now it’s the Rh front passenger door. I’ve pull the door lock cover off and released the small cable to try and rest the lock no joy. Ive banged on the door while pushing...
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    Electrical issues

    Well on my way to work this morning when I stopped at a stop sign then continued to go . All of a sudden I’m getting my abs light along with a flashing brake light along with an incessant beeping in time with the flashing red brake light. I pull off the road and look for anything obvious , I see...
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    Fuse 37 blows…..

    Trying to find what fuse #37 does/goes to on a 2000 vw TDI manual. I did a bunch of work on my daughters car the last few days and when my daughter came to get her car , she went to put the radio on and no radio…… went through the fuse panel and found #37 blown……installed a new 10 amp fuse and...
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    Mk iv NB and Golf a/c servicing ports

    Can anyone definitely tell me if the A/C servicing ports ( high and low ) are the Schrader type or something different. Doing a search gives different answers . Some say schrader.... some say ball. Also some say that the HP servicing port is welded..... some say no..... Are they different...
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    Wtb Lh headlight assy for 2000-2004 golf rear large cover

    I’m trying to put back together my 2001 golf after taking out a deer . The headlight assy my son found at a salvage yard doesn’t have that large rear cover. Looking to see if any one has one laying around and not need it. I have one off a hella light and it just won’t fit , so looking for one...
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    Clocked a deer , looking for parts availablity. 2001 golf.

    Well as the title states , I clocked a deer yesterday while going into work . I’m looking to see what’s out there with members that are parting cars, my zip is 07461. Big things like hood I prefer local to me. So the list I have so far is, 1. hood preferable black 2. front complete grill 3...
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    WTB new style turbo parts

    Looking for alh vnt turbo parts, 1. Looking for new style drain hose. 2 . Fitting that goes into the block . 3 . Bracket and the two bolts ( one that bolts to the turbo and the other that bolts to the block). lmk what your asking for this with shipping to 07461. Thanks
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    90 degree flexible boost pipe

    As stated my son split his 90 degree flexible boost pipe so I’m looking for one ASAP. Let me know what you have and your price with zip is 07461. Thanks
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    Brake light issue

    I have my daughters 03 NB and one of her co-workers told her her LH brake light was out. When I checked it , it was blown and I replaced the bulb with a correct one , tested it and it seem to work. Couple of days ago another of her co-workers said same brake light was out. When she came home I...
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    Mk iv air bag wire harness

    As stated above, I’m looking for the part number and or availability of that small wire harness that goes from the clock spring to the steering wheel air bag and to the horn plate assy..... Thanks
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    Auto axles

    Putting a feeler out there to see who has any auto axles in good shape with low miles on them that they are looking to get rid of. Local is better but not necessary, zip is 07461 , north N.J. Thanks.
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    Mk iv door locks

    Does anyone know if the front door locks can be used in the back doors ? I know left to right doesn’t work but will front to back? I know the front have the slot for where the key tumbler shaft goes into and the Back ones don’t, they are closed off. BTW it’s for a 2001 golf 4 door.
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    Door striker pin plus bolts

    As three heading states...... looking for the sliver striker pin for the rear door of my golf plus bolts. Can’t get my Rh rear door off and it looks like I’m gonna have to cut this silver pin out. I believe the front and backs are the same as far as I can tell...... let me what you have and...
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    MK IV golf right rear door stuck

    Ok as the title says , I have a MK IV golf. The right hand rear door lock has been acting up and finally I had the time and the weather was warm enough to do this. I have used the search function on here , again nothing I’ve read here works. First off the DAMN door will not open either from...
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    2000 NB starting issue

    Thanks in advance, First I’m not a newbie here, I think I understand the ALH fairly well, I have 5 of them now. My latest project is a 2000 5 speed NB that was supposed to be a simple TB and mods......... ended up with a lot more engine damage as first lead to believe . PO mechanic set the TB...
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    Looking for P/N’s

    Hi all , I’m looking for the p/n for the very front of the rocker panels on the MK IV golf and on the MKIV new beetles. It’s the front piece that always rots out if you don’t clean out your wheel well. I’ve seen it somewhere but cannot find it. Thanks
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    ABS problem

    Ok, so here's what I got. 01 NB , approximately 230,xxx miles on it , 5 speed. It's my daughters car. When I got her car I've done some work to it, I installed ASR by replacing the ABS pump , it's been working great for about a year now. Recently the ABS light and asr light came on, I scanned...