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  1. Powder Hound

    Found! WTB Mk IV Golf/Jetta Bumper cover support

    I'm looking for a pair of bumper cover supports - the black foot long ones that go over the horizontal leading edge of the front fender and provide slots to hold the upper sides of the bumper cover. Both of mine are broken - they are missing the tab that holds the point of the bumper cover as...
  2. Powder Hound

    Time's up, items no longer for sale.

    Basically everything that didn't sell (which was all of it except for some wheels) is either packed up or scrapped. We're heading for a new adventure, so stay tuned! Thanks for looking and Cheers! PH
  3. Powder Hound

    WTB - Montreal wheel

    UPDATE: See the last post. I found some locally and now have a couple to sell. Original post: I'm looking for a single Montreal wheel. It is a 5 dual spoke design in 16". 5 x100 bolt circle, preferrably in the New England area. If you know...
  4. Powder Hound

    My Smyth-Utes build thread

    Yup, I'm building a trucklet. I also voted to call it a Jettachero, since it uses a Ford Ranger tailgate. At some point when the paint is finished, I'll have to see if I can find letters to spell that out. I was asked to be sure and do a build thread and post lots of photos, so here it is...
  5. Powder Hound

    Illustrated: Yet Another Why-I-Don't-Go-to-the-Dealer thread...

    I probably should have named this thread 'Why I do my own wrenching'. So, since my wife's car died yesterday and she had to get a jump to get home, I did some quick checking and decided the best repair would be to replace the alternator. The battery is a good one and should not have died so...
  6. Powder Hound

    Good engines, questionable chassis

    Never any replies, lots of looks. I drove out the second of them to a pickup point last night. It had been sitting for at least a year since the last time it had been started, but it fired right up with less cranking than my daily driver. I was surprised. But there was no interest from...
  7. Powder Hound

    Spam problem

    There is a new spammer on the club. Sent me a PM; obviously a chinesium piece of junk. The user name is MAALI281. Please ban this spammer, and the isp it uses. Thanks, Eric
  8. Powder Hound

    parts cars in Concord, NH

    I'm wondering if there is any interest in a couple of parts cars. You'd have to come get them from Concord, NH as I have no means of delivering them in their current state. I'd help you load them on a trailer. I have 2. They are both 2 door Golfs, GL (no sunroof, manual windows, no center...
  9. Powder Hound

    2000 Golf 2-dr TDI GL NH

    Put it up on Craigslist. Replying to the craigslist ad is probably the quickest way to get my attention, but a PM here will get a reply in 1 day at the worst. It's a great car, nothing wrong with it beyond what the ad details, and that is cosmetic...
  10. Powder Hound

    Rusty Wheel Removal

    Hi Everyone, I have a wheel rusted to a rear hub on my new-to-me 2003 Jetta. It appears that multiple winters of salt induced corrosion have done their damage and corrosion-welded the aluminum wheel (Long Beach, if you are curious) to the brake hub. I've tried multiple applications of PB...
  11. Powder Hound

    It's a little scary.

    So this morning, before I started work, I went out and did a little job on my wife's new-to-us winter-beater Jetta. We bought it about 3 weeks ago and it has a few problems, among which are (were) 3 out of 4 doors would not lock and unlock via key fob nor internal electrical switch. This...
  12. Powder Hound

    Minty-fresh headlight lenses

    Minty fresh you say? Why not just 'mint'? Well, they're not quite pretty as new, so they're just minty fresh. But the results are pretty good. If you click on the thumbnail image, you get the representation from my gallery, and if you click on the gallery image, you get the full size one...
  13. Powder Hound

    10 pin connector - male end

    So, at least one forum supporting vendor has the 10 pin connector that is the female end and will fit either headlamps or ALH injection pump. Does anyone know of a reasonable source for the male connector for this same 10 pin plug? Thanks, PH
  14. Powder Hound

    New to me winter 'beater' I officially helped my wife out of her 2007 Just Empty Every Pocket Compass and into a new winter beater: a 2002 Jetta. I was thinking, when considering such a purchase, that I'd need to add ASR to help my wife drive in the winter, since she is so risk adverse. Winter driving is why...
  15. Powder Hound

    Door Latch repair

    I spent Monday the 30th fixing the rear door latch assembly of my 4-dr. The ECU couldn't tell whether the door was locked or open. These 2 problems were intermittent, of course. The cause was, as is the case in 95% of these, broken solder joints. The microswitches get blamed a lot, but the...
  16. Powder Hound

    Font size

    I'm having a difficult time with display of fonts on tdiclub. I have to set my default font size to 40 to get a display to be anything other than a trace of black dots along each line. Does anyone know why tdiclub pages display in this manner? Any other website goes crazy with this font size...
  17. Powder Hound

    Yet another no-start thread (Relay 109 failure)

    OK, not really a problem. For me, it was a no start after the car sat for 6 hours, so it certainly wasn't a heat problem. It presented as a relay 109 failure, and after replacing it, the car fired up immediately. The interesting thing was what the relay looked like inside. I popped the cover...
  18. Powder Hound

    TB teeth sheared question

    I'm trying to help out someone who didn't really want to sell her car, but had not received reasonable estimates for repairs: . Did the teardown yesterday to pull the head, and the head is almost out. (Yeah, I'm slow...
  19. Powder Hound

    Startup Smoke

    I have been plagued for the last couple of years with startup smoke. Not every time, only if the car has been sitting for at least 3 days. There's a nice big puff of smoke, and it clears up quickly. A little more in the winter, and none if the car has been started in the last couple of days...