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  1. Salsaman06

    FS: RossTech HEX-CAN USB unltd VINs

    SOLD: RossTech HEX-CAN USB unltd VINs I have a RossTech cable for sale that I used all of 2 times on my former 2013 Passat. This is the one that is not tied to any VIN that they no longer make. UPDATE: was about to post this on another forum but someone has one for sale for the same price. Go...
  2. Salsaman06

    FS: Accessories from 2013 Passat TDI SEL

    I sold my Passat TDI back to VW in Dec 2016. I am just getting around to getting rid of the accessories I bought for it. I’d rather sell it all at once - put it all in a couple of boxes and ship once. 1. Factory carpeted floor mats never used - black 2. Factory all weather mats with “Passat”...
  3. Salsaman06

    Huge Thank You and Farewell

    As many NMS owners are preparing to sell back their vehicle, as am I tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment and express sincere thanks to the members of the NMS forum in particular. (Hopefully everyone has not completely vanished here yet.) The NMS being my first diesel vehicle, I knew very...
  4. Salsaman06

    Texans need to do this after buyback

    Fellow Texas Residents, If the TDI your are selling back to VW is registered in Texas, you need to fill out a "Vehicle Transfer Notification" ideally right after you complete the buyback process but no later than 30 days after. Details, including the form, can be found here...
  5. Salsaman06

    Just Recieved Unsolicited Phone Call from VWGOA regarding my claim

    So I just received a phone call from a VW administrator working on my claim. This was totally out of the blue and I almost didn't answer the phone. Didn't recognize the number and thought it was another telemarketer. But the call was from Pontiac Michigan and something told me i better answer...
  6. Salsaman06

    2016 Passat - actual pics

    Took these yesterday at an auto show in town where they had a 2016 Passat on display. You'll have to save off the image and zoom in to the sticker and feature card pics to read them.
  7. Salsaman06

    Great Audi commercial

    Just ran across this Audi ad on a friend's Facebook page. It was from 2013 but I never saw it. One of the best commercials I've seen - particularly if you are a Star Trek fan. Audi Commercial
  8. Salsaman06

    Engine shutdown immediately after startup

    My Passat is just starting to experience an intermittent problem that the Jetta/Golf bretheren have been experiencing. Folks are thinking this is KESSY related and I am inclined to agree. Ref this thread. I don't think it has anything to do with the engine itself since everything shuts down as...
  9. Salsaman06

    DieselPower Magazine Review

    For any of you interested, there is a 2 page article about the '13 Passat TDI SEL in the current issue (Nov '13) of Diesel Power magazine. It's their first "long term" test of any vehicle. They recently took delivery of the vehicle and the article is a check-up at 5000 miles. It's an...
  10. Salsaman06

    Performance in Extreme heat

    It hit 106 degrees today and broke a record here in San Antonio. A few observations for those interested (and prospective buyers) - 1. Window Tint - I have Huper Optik ceramic-based tint all around and I can't say enough good things about it. It really cuts the heat intrusion significantly...
  11. Salsaman06

    Passat Road Noise Measurements

    Decided to post this in its own thread rather than hijack someone else's. Finally got some time to go take some road noise measurements today in my 2013 Passat TDI SEL with the Hankook tires. The weather was overcast but dry and 70 degrees. I took both dBa and dBc measurements. Since road noise...
  12. Salsaman06

    Performance uphill

    Yesterday afternoon I took my Passat on a 120 mi round trip into the Texas hill country. First time driving it on hilly roads. On the way back, the onramp to the Interstate merged at the beginning of a particularly steep hill. The car effortlessly continued to accelerate uphill and never felt as...