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  1. thebigarniedog

    Chevy Cruze Diesel 2017

    It seems that Chevy is planning a diesel Cruze with a six speed manual for 2017. It seems that the engine size will be around 1.6 which is the sweet spot for size. Maybe there is is hope for this forum. The Cruze is a nice car (I have a 1.4 turbo eco six speed manual). I will link the story when...
  2. thebigarniedog

    VW Diesels loss of value Interesting as those waiting for a bailout now have to wait till June 28 to find out what that bailout will be. It is also interesting how all sales on this forum have stopped pending the hope of such a bailout to...
  3. thebigarniedog

    European Approval on Emission Recall
  4. thebigarniedog

    FS: 1998 Jetta MK3 TDI Ohio

    Selling my 1998 Mk3 Jetta Tdi. Car has sunroof and sunroof wind visor; manual crank windows and Air Conditioning. Other options listed below. Car has two sets of wheels. The winter wheels are currently on (ie winter tires with steel wheels). Aluminum wheels are part of sale as well. Good tread...
  5. thebigarniedog

    Reality Price Check

    About five years ago I sold my 2003 Mk4 Jetta after obstensibly fixing and upgrading the vehicle to the point where I wish it would have been when I had bought it six years earlier. No regrets as I enjoyed it while I had it. I replaced the car with a no value mk3 Jetta for $750. I made some mods...
  6. thebigarniedog

    Record Cold Weather hits Ohio, time to reconsider a frost heater?

    Look it is getting colder, early and staying that way longer. I was hoping not to have to buy a frost heater for my mk3, mainly because in the not too distant future I will probably be buying a new tdi once the usual new engine design overcharging by vw/their dealerships subsides. I am also not...
  7. thebigarniedog

    Need Exhaust Hanger Part #

    I need the part number for the Exhaust Hanger by the cat converter. 1998 Jetta Tdi is the vehicle. I need to find an exhaust hanger as well. Thanks in advance.
  8. thebigarniedog

    Alarm & Remote Issue

    Car is a 1998 Jetta tdi mk3. The little red light by the driver's door (ie security light) no longer flashes. The remote no longer works. The alarm does not work The central locking system still works (ie the doors can be locked and unlocked from the switch near the defroster. There are no...
  9. thebigarniedog

    WTB 1998 Cluster

    Looking for a good cluster at a good price for my 1998 MK3 Jetta. Mine has not bit the dust yet, but it would be nice to have one in ready reserve. Please let me know what you have, mileage on it and how much shipped to Ohio 44833. Thank you in advance.
  10. thebigarniedog

    Glow Plug Question

    Any problem with using teflon tape on the glow plug threads?
  11. thebigarniedog

    WTB 1998 White Alarm Box Module

    I think mine gave up the ghost the other day. If you have one to sell, how much shipped to Ohio 44833? Thanks.
  12. thebigarniedog

    Does VCDS Work on the ARM Chromebook?

    Does VCDS work on the ARM processor Chromebooks? Thanks
  13. thebigarniedog

    VW Rethinks the Tiguan (edit: April Fools joke)

    Questioning the disappointing sales and poor comparisons to the redesigned Honda CRV and Ford's Escape, VW is seriously considering scrapping the Tiguan. "The biggest impediment is the lackluster mileage comparison to the CRV and the Escape" said director of vehicle design Thomas Martin. "We...
  14. thebigarniedog

    Hid lighting problem/question

    Background Car: 1998 Jetta Tdi with 4 beam lighting system. Low beams are HID with a relay and separate ballast; High beams are H7 bulbs. Daylight running lights are disabled at the switch. Jumper wire on the fuse box (mod) to allow the low beams to remain on with the high beams). The headlight...
  15. thebigarniedog

    Modular platform design, redesigns profits
  16. thebigarniedog

    MK3 Jetta Tail Lights

    Selling my tail lights off my mk3 Jetta. Good to excellent shape (no cracks or breaks). $35 obo plus shipping. Thanks
  17. thebigarniedog

    Vendor/private seller multiple thread allowance suggestion

    I want to float a suggestion to Management :D . Most recognize that bandwidth cost money; most are grateful that this site does not allow popups or other advertisements (except the occasional "I want to win a Darwin Award Thread"); and most like to see a wider selection of vendor items labeled...
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    Another gm craptastrophe

    So it seems that the US will recover only 1/2 of the original funds directed to GM. I wonder if China among others will accept 1/2 of what was lent to the US Goberment to provide such funds to GM as payment in full ...............
  19. thebigarniedog

    Bilstein, Lights, Cluster, Fuel Pump & Assorted Crap for Sale

    I have the following parts for sale. I listed prices assuming pickup, but I will ship and typically prefer shipping priority mail (ie most of these items will fit in one of their pre-sized boxes, and it ships faster). Please feel free to ask questions. Rear Bilstein Shocks. I bought these off...
  20. thebigarniedog

    Even with Snow, Winter Tires are a Waste of Money

    This seems to come up every once in a while so with respect, I thought I would ask the question here since you all get a tad bit more snow then we do in Ohio. So anyhow, it seems to be the general consensus here that even in snow, that all season tires do just as well (short of 4 wheel drive...