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  1. romad

    Massive MPG hit of -10 mpg

    I don't know if it is due to my new elevation here in Prescott, AZ or to the non-CARB Diesel I now have to use.
  2. romad

    Which is best FLAPS source for non-VW battery?

    2005 Jetta Wagon BEW engine Yesterday started just fine; today no cranking and dash lights just flickered. Checked and battery bought at VW dealer in my old city is 6.5 years ago. Now the closest VW dealers are 2 hours away so I need to get a battery that will fit physically and last until I...
  3. romad

    AZ specs for Diesel?

    Now that I've completed my move from California to Arizona, I will no longer be able to use CARB Diesel with its minimum 50 cetane rating. Does anyone know what is the minimum cetane number in AZ? What about the lubricity? In CA I still had to use a lubricity additive (used Stanadyne) so I'll...
  4. romad


    The front passenger side door latch is only working intermittently electrically. Is VW P/N 3B1837016CF the correct part to fix this? If so, what is a recommended source for the actual VW part as I don't want any Chinese knockoffs. I'd prefer to use a TDI Club vendor, but will use a VW dealer if...
  5. romad

    No low beams/DRLs, High beams fine.

    2005 Jetta Wagon, w/E-codes and Euro-switch. I checked both the left and right low beam fuses (# 20 & 21) but they weren't blown. Would a bad Relay #7 for the DRLs cause this? Lights worked fine yesterday.
  6. romad

    Sunroof won't close

    Sunroof is in the vent position - rear edge angled up. Worked fine earlier today but when I came out of the store and rotated the switch to closed, the roof started down then went back up. Tried to open it fully by rotating the switch to the fully retracted into the roof, but same thing...
  7. romad

    Lisle 24970 Spill Free Funnel w/VW Adapter? Anyone use one of these? Is it worth it?
  8. romad

    TDIClub Forums Not Secure?

    According to the BRAVE web browser, the forums are not secure even if I use https.
  9. romad

    Cabin Air Filter Question

    Has anyone used the Hengst E900LB cabin air filter in a 2004/05 Jetta Wagon?
  10. romad

    LED source suggestions wanted

    I asked on about these rear bulbs but he said he doesn't carry LEDs that replace them, so I thought I'd ask here. First here is a picture of the assembly I have (I don't remember the name) The Tail & Brake light section uses a P21W/5W (1157?) bulb. The solo Tail section uses...
  11. romad

    Reccomended Hose Clamp Pliers?

    I see that there are two types that can be used: cable clamp and hand clamp. I'm looking at the Knipex 85 51 250 AF for the latter, but don't know a good brand for the former. One thing I've heard about the cable type is that the flanges that grip the spring clamp tabs tend to bend or break...
  12. romad

    Cetane Increasement

    I finally received an answer from the Arizona Department of Agriculture on the AZ cetane number and it is 40! Since I'm used to 53 (CARB D2) and 70 (Propel Renewable Diesel), how much cetane additive will I have to add to a 16 gallon tank to raise it from 40 to 53?
  13. romad

    Front Bumper Retainer/Valence

    I want to replace my damaged one but am having a problem finding the correct part. I have a 2005 Jetta IV Wagon and the part number molded into the unit is 1J5-805-143 but a search of VW parts doesn't show that as a valid part number. I did find a picture matching the part but the number listed...
  14. romad

    Need repair wire part number

    I need the part number for the repair wire with the correct connector pin for the headlight assembly connector, specifically for the front OEM fog light in e-codes. I'm trying to activate the front fogs using the ECS kit for OEM fogs, but the wire for the right side is too short. BTW, wasn't...
  15. romad

    Good Brake Shop in Prescott, AZ?

    This is for my Miata. I'm looking at Prescott Car Care on White Spar Rd. and Biel on N. McCormack, so any info on them would be appreciated.
  16. romad

    Weird Turn Signal Problem

    You know how when a turn signal bulb burns out the dash indicator flashes very rapidly when that side signal is selected? Well, I have a problem where sometimes the left side acts burned out, other times it is the right side that acts this way, and then some times both work just fine. Am I...
  17. romad

    LED Headlight bulbs as DRLs?

    I know the DRL circuit runs the stock incandescent headlight bulbs at a lower voltage to act as DRLs. But I was wondering if the stock bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs, would the DRL circuit still work? Also, would the lower DRL voltage damage the LED bulb circuitry?
  18. romad

    Midwest Light Creations MkIV E-codes Has anyone ordered these? If so could you tell me: How long did they take to arrive from date of order? What is the quality of A) the housing; B) the glass lenses; C) the electrical connections? I've had an order in with...
  19. romad

    LED Headlight Bulbs for Hella E-codes

    Has anyone used these in Hella E-code assemblies? They say they won't hit the reflector cap. Also is there enough room behind the left assembly for one of these bulbs with the battery in place?
  20. romad

    B5.5 HomeLink and LiftMaster GATE Opener

    OK, my old GTO Mighty Mule dual gate opener died (again) so I replaced it with a LiftMaster LM412 opener. The problem I'm having is reprogramming Button #3 on the HomeLink in the visor to work with the LiftMaster. I get the flashing indicator on the HomeLink saying it is programmed but it...