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  1. Rapid Transit

    Rattle at Idle

    Ever since 11mm pump upgrade and tune I’ve had a rattle coming from center of the dash. This occurs only at 903rpm. I’m wishing I would have opted for the dynamic idle just to get past the harmonics causing my pain. About to tear dash apart to find offender. Anybody else have this affliction?
  2. Rapid Transit

    03 Golf Mechanics Special - Possible Deal

    Not mine, not affiliated.
  3. Rapid Transit

    Found the perfect combination

    I contend I found the perfect combination of tires/wheels for the MK4. I took off 15” VW jarama wheels with 195/65r15 Michelin Primacy tires after even refreshing the suspension (Vika/Borsehung struts and shocks through Cascade German) thinking it was responsible for the mush like ride. I had...
  4. Rapid Transit

    4dr golf MK4 black fabric seats, Nor Cal

    Seats (front and rear) complete, great shape (no tears or stains), no power, no heat. Free!!!! Pick up only. Golf MK4 tail lights complete. No damage. $35, pick up only...
  5. Rapid Transit

    Window channel replaced

    I installed a new to me front drivers side window channel today. Purchased at dismantler for $40 or so. Looks and functions like new and at a quarter of the cost. Original channel was cracked at top rear (like so many others). R&R was straight forward. Remove door panel and side mirror. Old...
  6. Rapid Transit

    New Nozzles = Night and Day

    Well, I finally did my first performance mod. Or, was it maintenance? Orignal nozzles had 220k miles on them. Pete, at DBW talked me in to a set of DLC 520 nozzles. Borrowed a set of used ALH injectors from Frankenbuilt and sent them off to Pete. Four days later I received my new nozzles...
  7. Rapid Transit

    Injection Pump

    For sale is an 10mm Injection Pump TDI for engines with ALH code . This part was removed from 2003 Golf TDI, manual with 119.000 mi. This part needs rebuilt. Asking $150.00 shipped, or offer.
  8. Rapid Transit

    No Pass No Pay (an IP story)

    Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum and to the TDI. I purchased a 03 Golf with 117,000 miles last month from a bay area dealership to remain unnamed. Before the purchase I used this site as well as other resourses to help in the process. When I found the car I liked (i.e. color, body type...