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  1. sootchucker

    EA288 Water Pump Failures?

    Good morning group, I searched and found some writing on the topic but I am curious to know who has experienced failures of the belt driven variable water pump in their CRUA/CVCA engines. What were your symptoms and how was that pump diagnosed as the culprit? Safe to assume your timing belt...
  2. sootchucker

    VCDS Issues..

    Hi crowd- I am on my second computer and still having the same issues. I am running a PC with windows 10 pro... genuine HEX+CAN cable. running the latest version of VCDS. Hook it up to the computer / car / ignition on and everything tests OK. Go to auto scan, "Function not supported by the...
  3. sootchucker

    EA288 Cooling system bleeding

    Hi TDI Fam- recently drained and refilled my cooling system. what a mistake.... i have used an airlift 550000 to fill my system... but i am still feeling like the system has air trapped since the car still runs hot at times. i have a VCDS and i was able to locate an informal procedure...
  4. sootchucker

    For Sale: Brand New X Man GTD1456VZ Turbo

    hello everybody, i had planned on using this unit for my MK6 Jetta but Vroom made me an offer I could not refuse. brand new, never mounted. Known to fit any 2015 model. also included is the required boost damper pipe and gasket kit. just trying to get what i paid or something close to it...
  5. sootchucker

    For Sale: OEM crossbars + INNO Fairing for MK7

    used for one season. OEM rack and INNO fairing. No noise whatsoever from this setup. all keys and hardware included. i am asking 300 + shipping. located in Edwards CO but can meet up anywhere in the country if its on my way. i also have OEM VW ski/snowboard rack available with all...
  6. sootchucker

    Dirtbike towing?

    does anybody use their MK7 to move a dirt bike using a motorcycle carrier? my bike weighs 230 pounds dry. I would rather not get a trailer so I was wondering if this is safe to do with our MK7. I have been seeing max tongue weight of 250 or 300 pounds. total trip is about 2,100 miles with...
  7. sootchucker

    2micron pureflow/contain flow on MK7

    Hi all, Has anybody with a MK7 had any luck installing these kits? I have one of each and figured I would check here before I ventured out and tried to install. Thanks!!
  8. sootchucker

    FS: EA288 Exhaust Components

    hello all, i have some parts for sale for the EA288 engine. all have 22,000 miles on them. 1- DPF assembly with pressure lines in good condition 1- EGR Cooler 1- Upstream NOX sensor and box 1- Downstream NOX sensor and box 1- Exhaust flap unit 1- OEM Midpipe 3- EGT Probes 1- DPF pressure...
  9. sootchucker

    CR140 / CR170 Downpipe / Midpipe for Sale

    Hello all, I am starting a new thread with the correct title. I am selling my downpipe/midpipe setup. It was purchased from Diesel Dubs back in the day. This was installed on my 2010 Jetta sedan. Should work on a wagon with some minor modifications, if any. I do believe this will fit an...
  10. sootchucker

    WTB: MK7 Downpipe

    doubt i will find, but worth a shot... let me know if any delete kits are available! thank you, mike
  11. sootchucker

    Happy to be back.....

    I had the worst case of sellers remorse after I turned in my 2010 Jetta. Even an M5 could not keep me from constantly wanting another TDI. So I am back!!! I picked up a 2015 Golf SEL at the auction. Pick it up this weekend on the left coast for a long trip back to Florida.. Hello again!!! :)
  12. sootchucker

    FS: CR170 Kit

    FS: Stage 3/3.5 Upgrade inside... CR170/Race Pipe / DPF Delete hi all- i have the following for sale: CR170 Turbo - SOLD EGR/ASV Delete - SOLD DPF Delete + Midpipe - $300 shipped? pics to come.. in good condition. 4th bung welded for 3.5 upgrade. sleeve included with hardware. the...
  13. sootchucker

    FS: Genuine Audi Euro Short Shifter

    for sale is a genuine audi short shift kit, fits all CR TDI's. $40 shipped!
  14. sootchucker

    FS: CR Timing Belt Kit

  15. sootchucker

    FS: Polar FIS

  16. sootchucker

    FS: Glow Plugs

    i have 3 spare glow plugs for sale from my 2010 CR TDI. they have about 50k on them. i do not believe there is anything wrong with them. accepting all offers... buy one, or all three! :D part numbers 03L905061F (one of these) 03L905061D (two of these)
  17. sootchucker

    Wtt: Rcd-510

    i have a working RCD510 that i would like to trade for your non working RCD510, plus some cash :p . let me know if anybody needs a radio! thanks, sootchucker
  18. sootchucker

    WTB: CR Parts

    Hello all, I need the following: 1- EGR Canister with clamp 2- NOX cat with clamp thank you
  19. sootchucker

    Seat Belt Chime...

    Hello all, I have a new interesting issue. When wearing seatbelt, I get on occasion the chime and the dash light for not wearing my seat belt. if I fool around with the fastener it will go away but it does return. VCDS shows nothing. Any ideas? Thanks,