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    Looking for the stupid door chime fix page .

    Hello All I have not been here for quite some time . Things look all different. I have a closed door . The car thinks the door is open . I did find references to “stupid door switch fix” but could not navigate to it . Can someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks
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    TDI facebook group

    I belong to a few of those groups. I find this forum the best for information. I have been here for a bit now . This group has been the best . You guys are like NASA scientists compared to other forums . Facebook is entertaining.
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    Finding top dead center

    Thanks I Know it is close . Maybe a tiny bit off . I would not be cranking the crank around much at all . The tiniest bit . I took the air box out . I took my phone and snapped a few pictures . I can see the mark . I can even see the black arrow that I must of put on it when i put the...
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    Finding top dead center

    thanks for the input . if I leave the belt intact , I can take the cam and injector locks out . find TDC on the crank . But then I will still have to release the tension on the belt to get the cam lock in . The pump may be close if I loosen the three bolts . I am overthinking this . I am in...
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    Finding top dead center

    Thank you all The crank lock has slotted holes in it . That is why I am questioner it. The last belt I did in another car last winter come out perfect ! When is was ready to "bump it" over to make sure the belt was true the damn thing immediately started ! The timing was perfect also ...
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    Finding top dead center

    Hello All Before I started I checked the timing with vag com . The timing was advanced and the cloud was perfect. I am doing my timing belt . It has been a long time since I’ve worked On this car . I find I am relearning things . I have locked the cam . I have the pin in the IP . I have...
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    OMI and drivers side Intake

    Thanks I do have a fmic, already , among other goodies not in my signature. I would like to give the engine a bit more breath. Just looking at the room back there it doesn’t look like it will fit too good . I would like to use it just to get rid of the extra piping.
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    OMI and drivers side Intake

    Hello I have a 02 jetta 5 speed . (ALH) It has an Old man intake on it . I own a pd 150 intake (drivers side) Has anyone installed a driver side intake with an omi ? Any one have any trouble with it ? Any pictures ? Thanks for any input .
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    How to repair sunroof drain tube connectors?

    Thank you Rob I have been chasing this leak for a bit . Wondering how to reconnect the lower fitting to the grommet
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    Removing the carpet to replace it

    Thanks I did not see that at ECS the other day
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    New replacement carpet ?

    Has anyone purchased a carpet from ? Looking for a source for a carpet for a 2002 jetta ?? Thanks
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    Removing the carpet to replace it

    Where can we buy a replacement carpet ??
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    Brake and clutch bleeding issues

    Yes ! One problem among many! I now have clutch ! Now back to the brakes !
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    Brake and clutch bleeding issues

    What method to use to get that plastic clip clipped into the pedal ??
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    Brake and clutch bleeding issues

    Well , after several more hours today , I found that the clutch rod was not affixed to the pedal . Apparently it did not snap in all the way . This is after I had removed the the clutch actuator, to play around with it .
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    Brake and clutch bleeding issues

    Hello out there in TDI land ! 1999.5 alh 5 speed I am about at the end of ideas. I have only been able to work on this car what seams like 50 hours in the last 3 months. I have replaced the brake booster, master cylinder , slave cylinder, and the clutch cylinder, the line from the...
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    Clutch fluid supply line too short

    That is what I think happened ?
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    Replacing whole brake system

    Thank you ! I am slugging my way through it !
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    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    Dave Higganum ! ( just south of Middletown) 2002 gls 5 speed 1999.5 5 speed UTE ! There is a nice car show at the Haddam Meadows in Haddam on the Ct river coming up July 14th . I will have my Ute there . Great venue . Mini GTG ??