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  1. jnecr

    Just did an 800 mile tank on my BMW 328d

    This is the first long trip (~1100 mile one way) I've taken with my 328d and color me completely impressed! Cruising all day at~75MPH it'll get 50mpg with no problem. Best tank I got was my last tank, 52.7mpg calculated (53.3mpg was what the dash computer said) and the fuel light didn't come...
  2. jnecr

    Couldn't resist getting some new wheels for the 328d

    It didn't take long, I really tried to resist, but there was a set of BBS CH-Rs local to me and I couldn't pass them up. No matter how hard I tried. The good news is that I went from 20" wheels to 19" wheels. Maybe I'll look for 18" wheels in a couple months. :)
  3. jnecr

    BMW DEF options

    I see a lot of information for BMW 335d cars, I'm only assuming that the 4 cylinder diesel is the same. Any urea based DEF will work in a 328d? BMW, of course, is the most expensive. VW is in the middle and then apparently truck stop DEF is cheapest. Anybody have experience with DEF...
  4. jnecr

    Uh-oh... it's started

    After totaling my MKIV Jetta I got a MKVI Golf. And now the fever has started with these:
  5. jnecr

    Palm Springs Golf (the game eh?) recommendations

    Hi All, I'll be heading to Palm Springs for a conference and would like to hit the links one day. But, I have no idea where to play and researching golf on the internet is slow going due to advertisements, BS reviews, etc. Figured I'd try here, there's got to be some golfers amongst this group...
  6. jnecr

    Stock TDI clutch (slightly used)

    Gone!! Traded for some beer! Replaced my clutch a long time ago. Don't have the car anymore, so I should probably get rid of my old clutch... :) This was from a 2005 Jetta TDI with a BEW engine. Was only in the car from mile 0 to ~25,000 miles. Mechanic who took it out said it looked...
  7. jnecr

    BBS CH 18"x8.5" wheels

    SOLD!! $1200 shipped!! Bolt pattern is 5x100 so will fit any MKIV (Jetta, Golf, Audi TT)... I've had these for sale on another forum for about 6 months. And I know that this isn't the best place in the world to sell 18" wheels but I figured I'd give it a try... :) I love the wheels, but...
  8. jnecr

    SD Card port on radio

    Is anybody else using it? I love it. I went and picked up an 8GB card at Best Buy for $25 and now I have the smallest ever iPod for my car. Who needs Apple??
  9. jnecr

    Installed the new side skirts

    Drank entirely too much last night and had to call in sick. So I made the best of the weather and the free day (it's 70 degrees here right now!!) and installed my side skirts. The fit isn't perfect, but I didn't think it would be. I've brightened up the pics so it's easier to see the profile...
  10. jnecr

    BBS CHs finally on the car

    After a year and a half of owning the wheels I finally got tires for them and put them on the car. Here's a couple quick pics: I think I need the wheels to grow on me a bit. They look nice from a profile view, but from behind the car you can see that the fronts have just a little too much...
  11. jnecr

    FS: Stewart-Warner Boost Gauge

    With column mount and perfect match LED. $100 shipped. Will look just like this (this is the exact one I'm selling):
  12. jnecr

    BBS CH 18"x8.5" 5x100

    FS: BBS CH 18"x8.5" 5x100 $1650 shipped to anywhere Wheels are mint, NOT ONE scratch on them. Hubcentric for a VW and fit perfectly on any MKIV. They will be shipped in 4 seperate boxes to insure they reach you the way they left me. NO TIRES, but bolts will be included.
  13. jnecr

    FS: 2005 MKIV Jetta TDI 5m

    Purchased new (by me) on October 7th, 2004 Platinum Grey 5-speed with upgraded clutch (about 15,000 miles on clutch) 46,000 miles Black leather Cold weather package (heated seats, mirrors, Windshield washer nozzles) GLI front lip, I have a GLI rear lip that has not been installed but is painted...
  14. jnecr

    New wheels anybody?

    Got a good deal on the vortex on some new wheels: I'm pretty stoked! :) So in a month of so I'll have a set of wheels for sale... if anybody is interested:
  15. jnecr

    OEM 16" wheels that fit over 312mm brakes?

    Anybody know what 16" wheels will fit over GLI/337/20thAE brakes? I've seen on vortex that Montreal I's will fit, but are there any others? or can anybody confirm that those do fit? Thanks!
  16. jnecr

    August 2006 Mileage competition!

    Here it is: Post your results like this: Driver: Miles: Gallons: Model Year: Model: Tranny: Fuel type: Oh yeah, thanks Scoop for taking care of July, it was good to have a break... (it's a good bit of work, ain't it? :) ). And for comparison: The Gasser competition: bhtooefr...
  17. jnecr

    Raleigh, NC to Temagami, Ontario

    So due to the recent rain storms I'm worried major road closings. My route will be from Raleigh to Balitmore to New Haven, CT then up through Thousand Islands to Temagami. Anybody know of any interstate closings through there? I'll provide some roads here in a few...
  18. jnecr

    Just some statistics...

    Requested by a member: Please take with a grain of salt as these aren't truly random data. They are all from the mileage competitions, which are not always the best for collecting data...
  19. jnecr

    June 2006 Monthly Mileage Competition!

    Here it is: Post your results like this: Driver: Miles: Gallons: Model Year: Model: Tranny: Fuel type: Please post ALL of your tanks for the month. Individual tanks are also much easier for me to deal with rather than monthly totals.
  20. jnecr

    Europlate Suggestions

    So I'm thinking about getting a front Europlate, but I need something halfway witty to put on it. Anyone have any ideas? 9 characters is the max...