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  1. JetPuf

    SF / Bay Area Fall GTG Sight seeing for Saturday the 20th

    Hey all! I'll be attending the Bay Area GTG, bringing down parts and representing Bora Parts. The main event is of course Sunday... What do people think about a Saturday sight seeing activity? A couple ideas I have -Bay Drive (drive around the bay... no bridges across) -Golden Gate Bridge trip...
  2. JetPuf

    FS: ALH TDI Long Block

    I'm selling this long block from my '98 beetle. It needs to be pulled apart and have the block decked. It wont hold a head gasket. I had the head machined and it still wouldn't hold... The block should be taken apart and decked. It's a TDI (duh), ALH. It will fit 1998-2003 beetles, and...
  3. JetPuf

    Bun in the oven

    Since this seemed the only reasonable place to put the news of my latest upgrade, MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!!!!!! Family 1.2 (that being family with two people) is being upgraded to family 1.3. Baby 1.0 is developing. Initial development is guessed to be complete around May.
  4. JetPuf

    Places to go around TDIFest 2010

    Destinations around TDIFest 2010 I've created a Google map of places, activities, etc. surrounding TDIFest this year. TDIFest Destinations
  5. JetPuf


    So my horn stopped working after the dealer did some work. I'm sure it's one of two things. One, they didn't reconnect the horn. or two, there's some reset procedure they didn't do. If there is a reset procedure, does anyone know what it is?? Thanks!
  6. JetPuf

    JSW Cargo Barrier

    Has anyone actually put fingers on the cargo/pet barrier for the JSW's? I know it was an add-on at one point, now I'm not finding it on VW's site...
  7. JetPuf

    Trade: Stock 16" JSW wheels

    Just purchased a new JSW tdi. It has the 16" Bioline wheels on it. I'd much prefer the 17" Porto wheels. Would considder 16" sedona wheels.
  8. JetPuf

    FS: 2004 Jetta GLS TDI 5-speed

    2004 Jetta GLS TDI 5-speed 95.5k miles $10,000 Original owner, non smoking, LOADED! Moonroof, Monsoon CD, 17" wheels, Platinum Grey Metallic, Black REAL Leather, Heated seats, Smoked tail lights (we still have factory ones if you prefer those), ESP, ABS, EDL, 45+ mpg highway. Tires are in...
  9. JetPuf

    June 19, 2010 PDX GTG

    Hey All. The weather is getting nicer and The Wife and I are established nicely in our house, I thought it'd be FANTASTIC to have a TDI GTG on June 19th. Light wrenching is welcome unless otherwise arranged. I'll have a small BBQ to grill food. More details: People can show up between 8-9, I...
  10. JetPuf

    West cost GTG "fest" DRIVE Sunday August 23rd

    West coast GTG "fest" DRIVE Sunday August 23rd 2009 Okay, starting from the Portland IKEA, you have the oportunity to vote for the route you would like for the TDI drive! Below are the maps and approximate times figuring start and finish at the Portland IKEA. Cascade locks (78.3 miles, 1 hour...
  11. JetPuf

    Beetle electronic spoiler

    Has anyone ever thought to put a rear hatch from a sport beetle onto a tdi beetle? I'm contemplating doing just that. Searches ended up with nothing.
  12. JetPuf


    I've upgraded my relationship from boyfriend/girlfriend status to Fiance Saturday night, under a shower of Perseids Meteors from the Comit Swift-Tuttle which passes by each year. Her name is Erica. She also drives a TDI, an '04 PD Jetta. I help her take care of that car, which has had only...
  13. JetPuf

    My NEW Diesel Rabbit

    okay, well, new to me. I got the title today, it's a 1979 Rabbit C Diesel. I dont know the miles at this point, however it has a 1985 Diesel engine in it, so hydraulic lifters (YAY) with about 150k on it. It's definitly a Diesel rescue project, the brakes dont work, and it has not moved in...
  14. JetPuf

    PDX TDI Dinner

    Hey, so this idea was up for discussion in another thread, and that was off topic. but making a new thread would make it on-topic. It seems like many of us many be interested in invading a local eatery at some point. DISCUSS!:D
  15. JetPuf

    DaimlerChrysler Spin-off?

    Found this posted over on the NB club, thought it was interesting, a little old though. "]] DaimlerChrysler examines spin-off scenarios for Chrysler - report FRANKFURT (AFX) - DaimlerChrysler AG is examining various scenarios...
  16. JetPuf

    May 20th Marys Peak Drive

    Found this over on vortex. figured I'd atleast try and go, maby some other can to!
  17. JetPuf


    Well, let's fill some web-space. The car was purchased new from Rey Reece Dealerships in Portland Oregon on Fathers day of 1998. it had all of 3 miles on it. My parents are legal owners of the car until I finish college to when its title gets transfered to me. The only modifications to the car...
  18. JetPuf

    NB City Lights

    Okay, so '98's are lucky that they have the un-punched out area for city lights... so I took my dremel to them, and used a little refining got the factory NB city light wiring harness into the lights... here's the result. This is with just the parking lights on (euro-switch). I installed a...
  19. JetPuf

    PNW/PDX GTG Feeler

    Okay, TDI people are known for their wrenching abilities. I'm curious if people want to do a driving GTG since the weather's getting nice again. My idea would be to pick a meeting place for mid morning. Drive and stop at scenic photo opertunities and such, goto a place for lunch (dutch of...
  20. JetPuf

    Hillsboro Oregon Spotting

    I was driving this afternoon, making a left turn from evergreen parkway onto imbree drive, when making a right turn was a white A5 jetta with RED TDI, and the chrome bumper and hood painted black. I know the person is on the club, i've seen them post! fess up!:cool: