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  1. jimnms

    Help Diagnosing Fuel Temp Sensor (P0183) Problem

    A few weeks ago I was cruising down the highway I could feel a slight stutter every now and then. It felt like when in turbulence behind a truck or a gust of wind hitting the car, but I wasn't behind a truck and it wasn't windy that day. I still wasn't 100% sure if it was the car, the road, or...
  2. jimnms

    Question on Replacing Glowplug Harness in '05 PD (BEW)

    I started getting a CEL for the #2 glowplug a few weeks after my 10k oil change. Since it was still summer, I put off checking it, but now that the weather is getting cooler, I decided to take care of it. I looked at the Glow Plug 101 Guide for testing the glow plug and harness. I suspected...
  3. jimnms

    Anyone near Central MS that can help with headlight replacement?

    Is there anyone in the central MS area that can help me with headlight replacement? My 2005 Jetta's lenses are gross looking, beyond what any DIY restoration methods can fix. I was thinking of ordering glass replacements lenses because I thought it would be a quick and easy job. I just...
  4. jimnms

    Scangauge fuel usage is right on, but MPG is way off?

    I've had my SG2 since 2008, and it has only proved to be an accurate fuel gauge. It's usually within a few tenths of a gallon every time I fill up, but the MPG it reports is never even close to what I actually get by calculating actual miles driven divided by gallons pumped. I just got a new...
  5. jimnms

    Broken Piece on Tiptronic Shifter Cover

    Driving home last week I noticed the little cover that slides left/right when you move the shifter from D into tiptronic mode was broken. I couldn't remember what it looked like before, I never really paid much attention to it, so I couldn't tell if it was broken or if it was supposed to be...
  6. jimnms

    Sway bar and lower control arm bushings?

    A few weeks ago I started hearing a popping sound when I hit the brakes, and sometimes when accelerating just after breaking. I suspected the brakes sticking since the last thing I had done was the brake fluid flush this past May. I live 50 miles from the dealer in Jackson, MS, but I'm over...
  7. jimnms

    Engineering E. coli to produce biodiesel
  8. jimnms

    Tree Sap Removal?

    Back at TDI Fest 2005, I had a hardened blob of tree sap on my car. Someone had some stuff that took it right off. I think it was in a white can with red letters on it. Does anyone know what that stuff was?
  9. jimnms

    Sunroof rattle, but only at highway speed in gusty wind?

    This started last Thursday night when driving home in really windy and rainy conditions. It's a rattling sound that comes from somewhere in the back part of the sunroof. It only does it when I'm at 70 or higher and there's a gust of wind. It doesn't do it when driving slower or when driving...
  10. jimnms

    Burning bunnies for biofuel?

    This gives a whole new meaning to diesel rabbit: :D
  11. jimnms

    Blue Golf TDI in Jackson, MS

    Was anyone here in a blue Golf TDI on I-55 Northbound around the Fortification St. exit about 2:30pm this afternoon. I was going by to fast to catch the plates, but I did see the TDI badge.
  12. jimnms

    Water in Driver's Side Floor!

    We've practically had non-stop rain for over a week. I was a little under the whether (no pun intended) so I haven't been anywhere since last Friday. My car is parked on a hill with the front facing downhill. When I went out to the car yesterday morning, it was still kind of misting, but it...
  13. jimnms

    Bad Mileage or ScanGauge Trouble After Glow Plug Recall

    I just had the glow plug recall done today on my car. I filled up this morning, and it's a 50 mile drive to the VW dealer. I have a ScanGauge II, and it has been calibrated on several tanks re-filling at the same pump. On the drive there I got 42MPG according to the trip page. I had an...
  14. jimnms

    The Great Ethanol Scam

    The Great Ethanol Scam Not only is ethanol proving to be a dud as a fuel substitute but there is increasing evidence that it is destroying engines in large numbers By Ed Wallace
  15. jimnms

    Other than moisture, is there a reason to change brake fluid?

    Long version of short story: I've had my car 4 years now, so it's time to change the brake fluid again. I ran over something a couple of weeks ago and have had a very slow leak in my rear passenger tire, though visually I never could find anything sticking in it. Since it's time to change the...
  16. jimnms

    Is there a way to know if 505.01 oil has been used on a used car?

    My sister is looking at buying a used 2005 TDI Passat. I assume the 2005 Passat TDI required 505.01 oil like my 2005 Jetta. Is there any way to tell if the correct oil has been used in it in past oil changes before buying it?
  17. jimnms

    My sister is looking at a used 2005 Passat...

    My sister's Ford Van has been giving her a lot of problems lately, so she's wanting to get a new vehicle. She wants a car and not another van, and she's been kind of jealous of my TDI since I bought it. She found a 2005 Passat GLS TDI at a local Chrysler dealership and called me for advice...
  18. jimnms

    Sudden INCREASE in MPG?

    At least once a week I have to drive to Jackson, MS, which is about a 100 mile round trip. Since I installed a Scan Gauge II, I've noticed that I usually get 1-2 MPG better on the return trip. I just figured that it's probably due to the return trip being slightly more down hill (Jackson...
  19. jimnms

    Electric-car race could strain lithium battery supply

    Electric-car race could strain lithium battery supply
  20. jimnms

    Rear Wiper for Wagon

    I replaced all three wipers on my 05 Wagon a few months ago, but I'm just now getting around to asking this. Has anyone found a particular brand wiper that works well on the rear of the wagon? The first one I bought was too stiff, so it didn't fit flush against the window and only wiped the...