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  1. dieselgus

    AWD it possible?

    Ah yes, totally forgot about that little detail! Bingo on the B5 platform though. Little more room in the engine bay, and going from the 1.8T to the 1.9L TDI would be the more logical step (minding, of course, the 20% or so BHP loss thanks to the quattro set up.) V6TDI would be the better bet...
  2. dieselgus

    XM brain location

    Pop off the passenger's side end panel of the dash, nice spot there for a direct connect tuner box. Very easy, close to the deck, and convenient to get to if need be.
  3. dieselgus

    zerostart in mkiv jetta

    You can also get everything you need at Canadian Tire. Think I was under $70 when I did mine
  4. dieselgus

    AWD it possible?

    What would be wrong with converting over a 4 motion V6 Jetta, swap in the V6 TDI and associated bits....... may be easier to find an older 1.8T quattro A4, and do a TDI swap into it......
  5. dieselgus

    remote start

    Properly installed, a remote starter will not cause any electrical issues in a VW (or any other car for that matter......). Notice, I said properly installed. I come across and fix a lot of incorrectly installed remote start units in the day to day course of my employment in many different...
  6. dieselgus


    Hey folks, haven't been on here in a while....... I am now a resident of Prince Albert for now. So, if anyone in the area needs VAG Com services, just drop me a line anytime. Or, if there are any GTG type activities in the Saskatoon area, only an hour or so away.
  7. dieselgus

    Rear brake pad and rotor replacement

    Damn. Should have checked this thread. You could have popped by and borrowed my brake tool set...... thing works slick as hell. Would like to know what the tire shop did with the socket adaptor for the security lug. That would have made this job a lot easier.......
  8. dieselgus

    Quick little weekend......

    Hmmm..... appears there are some on this forum that like to forward topics and posts to other parties, which, in turn, causes extra stress for me. I know who it is. It isn't a regular member. But, it isn't your business, and probably should be knocked the hell off........... Sorry to...
  9. dieselgus

    Quick little weekend......

    Yes! That is the one. Nice place you've got there. Noticed a lot of Volvo wagons for some reason at the Fred Meyer (large grocery store thingie. I think that's what it was called). But, the downtown area is very nice...... charming. Wish he had more time to wander through some of the wee...
  10. dieselgus

    Quick little weekend......

    So, a couple weeks ago, we decided that we needed to see some new territory. Made the necessary arrangements with work, etc. to take a couple days off, packed bags, and fueled up. No particular destination, no particular plan, all the better half and I wanted to do was hopefully see Seattle if...
  11. dieselgus

    WTB 2001+ passat wagon or jetta wagon

    Thinking of selling my 2004 Jetta Wagon........ TDI, 5spd, leather, black/black, Viper 5900 Starter/alarm, mint shape. 97,000km. Looking to get 24k out of it.
  12. dieselgus

    Siruis Satelite Radio on MK4

    Yes. Use a SIRKEN1 and a Kenwood-VW changer protocol adaptor. You don't get any info display, but, all you do is scroll through the channels. It works.
  13. dieselgus

    separate antena for Nav GPS?

    There wouldn't happen to be OnStar in this car, would there? There will be some extra buttons on the rearview mirror, if I recall correctly. That would be the one thing that would have reason to use an analog-style cellphone antenna....... The other would be the previous owner had an in car...
  14. dieselgus

    ever filled up at flying j?

    I have always had the best of luck with Co-Op diesel in SK. Good stuff. Out here, I flip between Mohawk and Co-Op, and whenever I go into Wpg., I always make sure to fill at the J on the way out (they have great coffee!). I tend to never use PetroCan diesel.
  15. dieselgus

    aftermarket double din radios

    We do a schwack load of the Kenwood DD pieces in VW's. They match the OEM lighting and fit wonderfully, and are pretty painless to put in. Added bonus is the front panel mounted USB port. Plug in up to a 4GB USB drive, or, use any file player as a removable hard disk....... Kinda neat. Easy...
  16. dieselgus

    here! 2006 Jetta Instrument - speedometer wiring diagram pinout navigation

    purple/white, from what I recall is a VSS pulse...... And yes, one can use either the CAN piece from PAC or Soundgate to achive not only a VSS pulse, but switched ignition, and also makes it possilble to add on the steering wheel controls as well. Wheeeeeee!
  17. dieselgus

    TDIFest 2007 is coming to Montréal, Canada

    Woo hoo! Sounds like an excellent opportunity to spend a week in la belle provence! I am so there it is not even funny.......
  18. dieselgus

    What VW Dbl-DIN MP3 radios fit 2003 Jetta?

    Kenwood makes a pretty snazzy double DIN deck that matches nicely both cosmetically and illumination-wise. Has USB as well, can be used with a thumb drive or any other removable mass storage device that can be hooked up via USB.
  19. dieselgus

    Winnipeg/Manitoba owners

    This Sat actually works nicely for me...... I have a tattoo appointment scheduled for noon, but I would imagine I can make an appearance sometime later in the afternoon. No one else has chimed in though......
  20. dieselgus

    Winnipeg/Manitoba owners

    I am still in..... but when??? Where???