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    Larger OEM Oil Cooler from a 3.6 VR6

    Sold TDI JIM got the 2nd one, Mittzlepick bought the first one I remember this was considered an upgrade back in the day of the ALH and AHU cars. If you have questions about the mod then do some searching. Comes as pictured:
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    2013 ECU from a DSG sportswagen & engine Cover

    $150 shipped conus with plugs $60 shipped for the engine cover
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    1Z/AHU AC Compressor used less than 1 year on the road 2013

    $135 shipped Bought new in 2013 I installed it in May and in January 2014 I pulled my car off the road. I had planned to use it on my 3.6 swap but opted for the VR6 compressor so I could have the ports in a better location. I ended up buying a brand new VR6 Sanden. My loss is your gain...
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    Audi TT Control Arms, Upgrade for Mk4s

    $100 shipped conus
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    MK6 ECU Stock 03L906019CL

    $old Pulled from a 2010 manual SportsWagen that was in an accident.
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    Mk3/MK4 Southbend Stage 2 Street Clutch Kit with Flywheel

    **SOLD** Pulled from a mk4 20v after 35k Miles when the car was in a wreck
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    B4 TDI MFA Cluster WIP sold

    $old It’s a 1997 VR6 cluster with a tdi bezel and tdi tach face. Send it to Derek DeWhite at chubsauto and have him program it to do the necessary modifications and program in your mileage. He did mine 10 years ago and I pinged him a year or so ago on Facebook and he was still interested in...
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    B4 Bentley Manual Volume 1

    $45 shipped media mail (conus)
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    B4 TDI Badges

    ****SOLD**** $20 shipped They aren’t the best but I’m not charging much after the priority shipping is factored in. If you can pick them up from me in the Alexandria area $10
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    B4 Instrument Cluster

    ****SOLD**** $70 with harness shipped (untested, pulled from a car at the local yard) $125 with harness after I test it in a couple weeks. Do you feel lucky? Pulled from a car that was well maintained but parked for unknown reasons. The anti-seize on the lugbolts and rear caliper bolts...
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    WTB Golf Sportwagen Tonneau Cover

    If anybody has a black one let me know maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks
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    I’m TDIing Again

    The warranty on the fuel system enticed me back into a TDI. I drove it like the 3.6 VR6s I have (CC & Corrado) and did ok: My past TDIs 1992 ALH TDI Corrado: 1990 AHU TDI Corrado it’s now a 3.6 VR6
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    MISC AHU ALH 1Z Leftover pieces

    MK3/B4 Outer OEM CV Joints $40+ shipping, the axles are mk2/G60 rado. I repacked and flipped these joints at 80k miles in 2010. OEM joints are preferred when compared to aftermarket. I used the inner joints on my VR6 axles. Selling because I can’t use the outers on my VR6 spindles. Injector...
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    Parts Gurus, Need Help P/N for Rubber Grommet/Plug Throttle Cable

    I'm trying to order a new rubber plug for where the throttle cable would go through the firewall on a Mk3/B4 TDI. I haven't been able to locate the part number yet. Anybody think they can help me try to locate a grommet/plug for a 13mm hole? Thanks