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  1. sootwagen

    300,000 Miles

    I know there are members with more, but my '03 Wagon just logged 300,000 miles.
  2. sootwagen

    2003 A4 Jetta Instrument Lights Go Out

    I've got a 2003 Jetta wagon that had problems with the instrument lights randomly going out. This was fixed by the dealer under warranty. The dealer said a bad ground was repaired, but didn't indicate where the bad ground was. Now a friend's 2003 Jetta is doing the same thing. Does anyone know...
  3. sootwagen

    Coolant type for '96 Golf

    Anybody know what type of coolant goes in a '96 golf with a 2.0 liter engine?
  4. sootwagen

    No Response From Controller

    I am running VAG-COM Release 504.1-D, with a HEX-COM Rev. B cable. I went into module 46 - Central Convenience to change the door lock/unlock settings. When I tried to go back into the module, I get "No response from controller." Rebooting the PC, and cycling the ignition numerous times had no...
  5. sootwagen stickers

    Does anybody know where I can get the white stickers? I got mine at last year's TDIFest. One of mine is damaged and I *need* to replace it...
  6. sootwagen

    A *Good* dealership story

    As good stories about VW dealerships seem to be rare, I thought I'd post the following: I took my car to the dealer today for the 35K mile oil change. I stayed at the dealership while the work was done. As I was sitting around, starting to get a little annoyed that it was taking "too long," the...
  7. sootwagen

    VAG-COM Error Code

    After my car was repaired from my accident, I noticed that the lights no longer flash when locking and unlocking the car. VAG-COM returns the following error code: 1 Fault Found: 01131 - Control Circuit for Turn Signals 25-00 - Unknown Switch Condition The turn signals and flashers...
  8. sootwagen


    I got rear-ended last month on my way home from work. No injuries, except for the car. The bodywork was done by Eason's Auto Body in Middletown, NY (Shameless Plug). They did a great job matching the original color, and used OEM parts (which annoyed the insurance company, no doubt). The repairs...
  9. sootwagen

    Dead battery after ten days???!!!

    I had put my car ('03 Jetta TDI wagon) in the garage on Sunday, Feb. 22. The doors were unlocked and the alarm was not armed. I went out to start it today, and NOTHING! The clock and odometer/trip odometer were blank, and the interior lights did not come on when I opened the door (the radio did...
  10. sootwagen

    How to enable foglight indicator on dash

    I recently installed new headlights with fogs, and a Euroswitch. How do I enable the foglight 'icon' on the dash when the foglights are on? I am also looking to setup the rear foglight at some point, and if there is an icon for the rear fog, I'd also like to enable that. Oh, yeah...2003 Jetta...
  11. sootwagen

    Seatcovers for 2003 Jetta

    I have a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon, with black cloth interior, and I would like to put seat covers on the front seats. The owner's manual, however, says not to because of the side air bags. Does anybody know of a workaround for this, or have any ideas on what can be done to put seat covers on? Thanks...