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  1. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Owner of 3.2M Mile '66 Volvo P1800 Passes Away So, Irv averaged 62,500 miles per year in this car. Volvo gave him another car for free, which he drove over...
  2. Blue_Hen_TDI

    BlueHenTDI and Sons 2018 Midwest Road Trip

    Vehicle: 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI S DSG Manifest: Myself, two sons (ages 13 and 10), and about 150 lbs of gear Dates: June 22-July 2, 2018 Distance/Economy: 3,386 miles @ ~ 48.5 mpg driving 70-75 mph w/ A/C on States in order: DE>MD>PA>OH>IN>IL>IA>MN>WI>MI>OH>PA>MD>DE Sites/events...
  3. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Mk7 Baby Tank 800 Mile Club

    I wasn't sure if I'd ever attain it, and I don't think I ever want to try it again, but I finally nailed an 800 mile tank in my bone stock '15 GSW S DSG. I set a personal best for mpg as well. 800.4 miles 12.787 gallons 62.59 mpg The unnerving part, and the reason I'll never do this again, is...
  4. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Gameplanning the Phase 2 Fix

    Since questions on Phase 2 seem to come up with some frequency, I figured I'd try to summarize what is in the updated warranty booklet in one post. Hope it helps. Note: some of the information in the booklet remains ambiguous. Information is based on Page 6 of the amended warranty here...
  5. Blue_Hen_TDI

    FrostHeater & Grille Block: Initial Impressions

    FrostHeater: I had it installed by a local guru. I started the install myself and then got cold feet when I got to the hose splice portion, so I decided to leave it to a pro. The guru knocked it out in 1.5 hours, half of which was tweaking the mounting bracket. It's fine as it ships, but it...
  6. Blue_Hen_TDI

    License plate light

    I meant to ask this months ago but am just finally remembering to. My stop-sale “new” 2015 GSW has led lighting for the rear plate. My 2016 GTI had incandescent, which I upgraded to led. Was this a model year downgrade for 2016? I was just curious if the dealer had upgraded my 2015 or if...
  7. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Lighting Pkg Swap

    I own a GTI with factory lighting package option (i.e. adaptive bi-xenons) and a GSW S with halogens. I will almost certainly be parting with the GTI before the TDI, so when that time comes, how difficult/plausible would it be to swap the headlights between the two cars? I own VCDS and don’t...
  8. Blue_Hen_TDI

    $60K for a Civic

    A Civic Type R that is. $25k market adjustment. :p Yes, you can be the first on your block to own a fwd only STI copycat for the price of a Corvette Stingray. Ain't she a beut?
  9. Blue_Hen_TDI

    2015 GSW DSG Gearing

    I have been pleasantly overwhelmed so far by the mileage in my '15 GSW w/ DSG. I wanted a 6M but couldn't find one and felt that I was settling when I bought the DSG. I had in my mind that the 6M had a taller 6th gear, but that is not correct. The DSG actually has a taller 6th gear, a...
  10. Blue_Hen_TDI

    2-Door GTI Axed in the US

    2-Door GTI Reportedly to be Axed in the US
  11. Blue_Hen_TDI

    I'm Finally Back in a VW

    After trading my '12 Passat TDI for a '14 Focus ST, I am finally and thankfully back in a VW, this time a GTI (S, 4-dr, 6M, performance and lighting packages - a very hard combo to find without ordering). They're giving these things away right now. Sticker was $28,905 and I got it for $22,720...
  12. Blue_Hen_TDI

    FS: Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS Micro-CAN

    ***SOLD*** -$200 OBO -Like-new condition; 100% functionality -Selling because I traded my 2012 TDI -Prefer face-to-face transaction in my travel footprint DE, DMV, Baltimore, or Philly -Will consider PayPal & shipping if no local buyers come forward, but locals bump you in the dibs list
  13. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Nervous About My Engine

    Hi Guys, This is technically a double post from the used oil analysis (UOA) thread, but I wanted to get some input from my fellow NMS drivers. I just got back my 40K UOA and my wear metals, particularly aluminum, chromium, and iron, are going the wrong way and have been for 20K miles. The...
  14. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Ford Focus ST

    Anyone own (or know someone who owns) one of these? I am in the market. I've been quoted $4,800 under MSRP on one with the top of the line package with full leather heated Recaros, bi-xenon lamps, nav, all the goodies, etc. They get 32 highway, which is pretty good for a car with 252 hp/270...
  15. Blue_Hen_TDI

    My DSG was Towed

    I parked it nose in, so they would have had to pull it backward first to get it on a flatbed. Can I expect any sort of damage? I'm going to pick it up in a few, as soon as my ride arrives. Dammit.
  16. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Now With Hood Struts

    Saw this over on Looks like VW made a mid-year add of a pneumatic hood strut to the NMS. Want. Must have. Retrofitters get cracking! :p.
  17. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Tire Warranty

    I mentioned in another thread (TPMS thread) that my tire warning light came on last weekend. The right front was down about 8 psi. I aired up and reset the system. All was well until today. The warning came on again. At the next off ramp, I noticed the car handling poorly so stopped and got...
  18. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Lesson Learned: Snow Removal

    I had a moment of brilliance this morning. There was about an inch of wet, slushy snow on the Passat. I needed to put something in the trunk. When I opened the trunk, the slush from both the trunk and the rear window broke loose at the same time and went through the funnel formed by the trunk...
  19. Blue_Hen_TDI

    Doing My Own 10K Service

    Since I'm not a fan of VW service departments and want peace of mind, I'm taking the plunge this weekend. Was hoping for a quick sanity check. 1. The oil filter I got from VW is part number 03L115562. This is correct, no? 2. Is there any issue with unscrewing the torx bolt at the top of...