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  1. Farfromovin

    [FS] 03 Golf 2dr PD150

    Oh I hate to type this but the time has come where I really have no need for my TDI anymore. I will say that without a doubt, my travels down the TDI rabbit hole were exciting to say the least. I have no "need" to sell my Golf other than I want it to go to a good home where it will be taken care...
  2. Farfromovin

    Diesel Geek Sigma 6 SS kit (2000-2007), Transmission Mount

    For sale is my old short shift kit by Diesel Geek. It fit on my 02M 6spd in my MKIV. It is in great condition for being used. Not corroded. Diesel Geek sells them for $195. I'll take $150 shipped o.b.o. Also, I have a 1 year old stock transmission mount with appx 10k miles. It is very firm...
  3. Farfromovin

    [fs] 17/22, dp

    *SOLD*17/22- 80k miles, worn/damaged compressor, needs rebuild. Took it off my running car. I think the compressor was damaged by fod and or surge. Would make a good rebuilt 17/22 that should be much cheaper than buying a new one in the end. $200 o.b.o. *SOLD*2 1/2" DP from whitbread. Has a...
  4. Farfromovin

    BFI mounts and Eibach Sport Kit Springs

    MK4 BFI mounts and Eibach Sport Kit Springs ****Everything is SOLD**** **MOUNTS ARE SOLD** BFI stage 1 engine and transmission mount with dogbone fitted with ECS inserts. The BFI's have 1500 miles on them. I just dont like the extra vibrations, I'm a wuss. Normally they sell for $179 per mount...
  5. Farfromovin

    Cluster Dumps

    Just curious if anyone knows of a repository for VAG cluster eeprom dumps? I'm looking for 1J5 920 946 C. For some reason I have two VIN codes showing... Something tells me my original adaptation to my car didn't go exactly as planned. I'd like to recode it to get away from this: It looks...
  6. Farfromovin

    Valentine 1 custom remote display for MKIV

    Well, this is going to be a feeler of sorts. Not so sure anyone will want this but I think it's the cat meow. Only reason it's for sale is I'm doing something even more custom with a FIS cluster for the remote screen for my V1. Anyway, here it is: It's a regular valentine remote display...
  7. Farfromovin

    R32 MAF housing with TDI specific Pierburg element

    --Sold-- $100 shipped. An OE R32 MAF housing with a TDI specific Pierburg MAF sensor. The sensor was used for appx 1 yr and is in good working order. This should be installed in conjunction with a remap to adjust the air tables for the larger housing. This is THE LARGEST OE plug n' play MAF...
  8. Farfromovin

    FS: PD Lift Pump

    --edit-- SOLD PD Lift Pump that has almost 50k miles on it. I replaced it in troubleshooting a "sluggish" starting issue and it made no difference. I bought this pump from back in 2008. Looking for $125 shipped.
  9. Farfromovin


    --edit-- sold Used SGII for sale. I've had it in my car for about 1.5 yrs, no problems. $100 shipped. Paypal gift preferred as there are no fees :)
  10. Farfromovin

    FIS Cluster Adaptations

    Alright guys, finally got my VagTacho 3.01 cable and I'm ready to do some adaptations now to my FIS cluster (1J5 920 946C). Specifically, I'd like to nail down the speedometer error and adjust fuel economy which seems difficult in the IMMO3 FIS units. In the "cluster mods" sticky, Occams Razor...
  11. Farfromovin

    WTB: PD fuel lines

    Looking for pretty much all the MKIV Golf/Jetta PD fuel lines from the cooler to the tandem pump. Feed and return. Anyone know of any BEW partouts?
  12. PD Tandem Pump

    PD Tandem Pump

  13. PD Tandem Pump

    PD Tandem Pump

  14. Farfromovin

    MKIV Golf Audio Build Thread

    Alright, I know there have been a couple audio build threads as of late so that's a good thing. Get more info out there so people can get different ideas! Here's the ingredients list: Kenwood KDC-X995- Simple yet feature packed single din unit with hands free calling and Pandora ready. JL Audio...
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