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  1. Steve Addy

    Anyone else have disappearing posts?

    I've had this happen twice now, at first I thought maybe I hadn't clicked on the post button by accident but now after a second time I don't think that's it. Anyone else see any posts of theirs missing? I'm not talking about threads, just posts in threads. And I appreciate Fred upgrading the...
  2. Steve Addy

    Two 96 Passat TDI cars at Summit IL Pick n Pull

    Not sure if we have members in the Chicago area that still run B4's but maybe. Anyway, two Passat tdi's were added to inventory of the Pick n Pull in Summit IL beginning of September, a green car and a blue one. The green one looks to be fully intact with a left fender damage, the blue one is...
  3. Steve Addy

    John Jackson has passed

    As reported by Matt in another forum here John Jackson has passed away. I only briefly met John during the Eurotuning kit orders when he was on his way to Michigan (iirc). However, I have read many of his posts on tdiclub. He was an ardent tdi enthusiast. Very sad to hear this news. Steve A
  4. Steve Addy

    Replacement for rocker body plugs

    Anyone with a Mk3 that's been underneath their car working on something knows by now that the body plugs used in the rockers (and elsewhere) are pretty cheap. The ones in my 97 TDI (and I think in the B3V too) are just molded plastic and they don't stand up well over time, and finding...
  5. Steve Addy

    Rear Brake upgrade addl information

    As has been discussed before and is pretty much common knowledge now, the Mk4 rear aluminum calipers work as a replacement for Mk3 / B4 rear calipers that are now hard to get. They are also allegedly less likely to bind up like the Mk3/B4 type. This has been discussed many moons ago and I did...
  6. Steve Addy

    Anyone non-ABS running the 1" brake MC?

    I'm looking for comments on this upgrade and wondering whether people are happy with it. It's only available for non-ABS cars, the MC on the ABS cars is 23.8 so it's already better than the basic non-ABS version at 22mm. Let me know what your impressions are. Thanks Steve A
  7. Steve Addy

    Exhaust manifold: AHU/1Z vs. AFN

    Hey all I did a cursory search on the forum to see if something existed but I couldn't find anything about this. Looking at upgrades for the new project and would like to switch to VNT without having the fitment problems with the right rear engine mount and the Mk4 VNT setup so I'm wanting to...
  8. Steve Addy

    Rear main seal, teflon vs old school

    Hey all I have been debating this issue for a while now and I've not come to any resolution yet. The replacement rear main seals per VW are the teflon type but I know over the years that people have commented that in some cases the seals failed almost immediately creating a big headache because...
  9. Steve Addy

    Local drug treatment auto auction - donation car

    This showed up at the Teen Challenge of the Midlands auto auction. This auction is supposed to be the 'creme of the crop' so to speak for what they get for donations. There are a few rarer cars there, like 64 Corvair Spyder with ho hum paint and mid-70's big A body Malibu in decent shape...
  10. Steve Addy

    For replacing CGP relay strip fuse holder

    For replacing strip fuse holder on CGP (coolant glow plug) relays that still function but have melted and no longer work with strip fuses. This has been talked about before in passing but I don't think we've ever come out and posted up info about it, at least not that I can remember. For...
  11. Steve Addy

    FS: Darkside Race pipe EGR delete VE 90/110 PD100/115

    I have for sale the EGR delete race pipe from Darkside for VE 90/110 (ALH) and also PD100/115 engines. $55 shipped lower 48. Comes with the following: Race pipe - 51mm, O-ring and 3 bolts Blanking plate with metal gasket For fitment details beyond what's listed please refer to the Darkside...
  12. Steve Addy

    Minor Mk3 aircleaner upgrade

    This is a minor upgrade to the Mk3 TDI air cleaner. The intake horn from a Mk3 VR6 car will fit on the Mk3 tdi air box. You will likely have to drill a small hole to mount the horn because the screw (at least on mine) is in a different place and the VR6 horn has a metal clip that you'll want to...
  13. Steve Addy

    Belt moldings - when to replace

    I noticed some time ago that the B3V driver side door belt moldings were not in the greatest shape. These are the rubber covered metal strips that ride at the top of the door and also provide the window scraper function. When they start to look puffy you know there's an issue under the rubber...
  14. Steve Addy

    Mk3/B4 CV axle part numbers

    Hey all I'm trying to find out what part numbers people have installed for axles on their cars. These would be for OE fitted CV axles on the TDI platform. This wouldn't apply to a plus suspension conversion since that changes the situation I think. The fitment specs from VW are very specific...
  15. Steve Addy

    Radio code procedure from Quick Reference Guide

    I remember this issue coming up before and since I stumbled upon a VW quick reference guide for 96 Passat I thought it was worth posting up a graphic of the coding sequence for the premium radio found in 96/97 Passat cars. It's a bit different from what you do for Mk3 cars. Steve
  16. Steve Addy

    B4 Passat misc items FS Kamei FER

    I have some B4 items I'm selling, this is a hodge podge, pics shown and prices listed at the bottom. PM me for info etc, please don't post here, I probably won't check it very much. Pic 1 1. Pair front markers with bulb sockets sold 2. Driver fog light lens - $15 shipped sold 3. Single...
  17. Steve Addy

    Anyone have problems with 16.8.0 update with firmware for hex/can usb?

    Downloaded the 16.8.0 update which came with firmware, applied firmware and the adapter is now inop. I get flickering green with red and cannot talk to controller. I'm not the original owner, not even sure if the person I got it from was the original. Rosstech says they don't issue old firmware...
  18. Steve Addy

    B3V conversion, go Bilstein B6 or B8?

    When I first put the wagon together I used some stuff I had around the garage from other projects, stuff I would care so much about if the project went south and never got finished. Part of that was suspension, I had front struts / springs I had gotten at the JY that looked like new and were...
  19. Steve Addy

    FS: 1Z/AHU cylinder head

    Selling a 1Z/AHU cylinder head, car had 283k miles on it but head looks to have been cleaned out at least once, may have been worked on. No injectors and no cam (or lifters, keeps shipping weight lower). sold!
  20. Steve Addy

    Boost reporting in ScangaugeII

    I did a brief search to see whether this had been covered before but really didn't see anything so I'll post it up, if it has been talked about before please point me to it. So of course scangauge has the BST gauge function and I'm wondering for people with both a boost pressure gauge and...