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  1. Bengoshi2000

    Part Deux: Ignition/Lock Cylinder Housing

    So the removal (and most of the installation) of the original/broken housing has gone without a problem. New ignition switch works. Old key lock cylinder transferred over. Car starts as it should. With one teeny weeny big a$$ problem: My car has the 01M transmission... There is a cable...
  2. Bengoshi2000

    Ignition/Lock Cylinder Housing

    So the ignition lock housing needs to be replaced on my '02 Golf. Is this job possible without pulling the steering wheel? <please say yes>
  3. Bengoshi2000

    CCV Hose Leaking at Intake Pipe not Valve Cover

    In the process of chasing down issues that are causing low MPG's on my 2002 Golf, I found that the CCV hose is leaking where it connects to the intake piping. There's a sensor there... don't know what it does, but it was filled with oil. It was dripping down on the intake manifold. I...
  4. Bengoshi2000

    Sudden MPG Drop 2002 ALH Golf w/ 0M1

    I've been holding off on this post until I had a few fill-ups to confirm a problem... After I replaced the TB/Water Pump in my Golf (147k miles), the mpg's dropped to 23. This has now been consistent over 4 fill-ups, so I'm convinced I've got a problem. Prior MPG's have been in the mid-upper...
  5. Bengoshi2000

    Curbed my Enthusiasm

    So, I had my 15 year old out tonight driving and when we pulled into the driveway he missed. Well, the Driver’s front wheel made it onto the extreme right side of the drive, but the passenger front wheel went up over the curb with a bone jarring crunch. Fortunately I have a metal skid plate...
  6. Bengoshi2000

    HID Headlights Question (Midwest Lighting)

    I put a set of the Midwest Light HID's on my Golf about 3 years ago. Love 'em... haven't had any issues. But over the last two months, I felt like the driver's side headlight wasn't getting as bright. I confirmed this last week when my son and I were driving back from having tires put on. He...
  7. Bengoshi2000

    Anyone tried this upholstery (door card inserts)

    I ran across this on eBay this morning (whilst researching how to re-cover door card inserts). Any folks here purchased these (or have any experience with that seller)? I also...
  8. Bengoshi2000

    "That Call" from your 16 yr old driving your TDI

    Yesterday at 7:04 pm EST. He called to let me know that the "car just blew up". First, I'm glad it wasn't a wreck. Second, he was able to limp it to a gas station. Called me and one of his buds immediately. So I'm glad he kept his head... he was getting off the interstate when suddenly no...
  9. Bengoshi2000

    ALH EGR Delete Roll Call

    I'm going to be "that guy" who posts yet another egr delete (for testing purposes) thread. I've read a good number of the post here, but I want some long-term opinions from persons who have done the delete. I'm getting ready to do the timing belt on my '02 Golf and I'm going to clean the...
  10. Bengoshi2000

    ALH Timing Belt - How much time?

    So I'm getting ready to do the timing belt on my '02 Golf and will be ordering parts this week. The one thing I can't get my head around is how long the process will take. I've got a reasonable amount of experience working on cars and have a good set of tools... but I've never done a TB...
  11. Bengoshi2000

    Diagnostic Port mount Part no.

    From "Tales of Stupid Repairs..." I was getting into my car this morning and the toe of my boot caught the edge of my Scangauge plug... The scangauge plug is fine, as is the diagnostic port itself, but I shattered the mount that holds the port. Any idea what that part number is? Or...
  12. Bengoshi2000

    Please Confirm Diagnosis - Brake Booster

    So Thursday I was driving back to work from lunch and the braking action started to get hard. I know, that's what she said... Yesterday I could get 'er to stop, but it was clear there was zero power assist. It was like braking on my old '66 Mustang. No problems with stopping other than the...
  13. Bengoshi2000

    Serp Belt Noise Driving me Nuts!

    About a month ago, I started getting some serpentine belt noise (a wispy almost whistling sound, not a chirp or squeal). Not surprising as I'm guessing there was about 70k miles on it. (Verified by squirting some belt dressing on it between the crank and ac pulleys and the noise disappeared.)...
  14. Bengoshi2000


    Replacing my cracked oil pan today. Found these loose in the pan: It's the same color plastic as the oil pump chain tensioner: Worry or Not Worry?
  15. Bengoshi2000


    So, Driving home from work today I hit what I think was a cinder block in the middle of the road. I never saw it... only felt the impact and saw the lower engine cover flip up behind the car. Oil light came on immediately and I was able to get pulled over in a safe place and shut down before...
  16. Bengoshi2000

    If Santa let you raid 1.8T parts car...

    So... A good friend of mine is preparing to lay to rest his 5dr 2001 1.8T GTI. After 260,000 miles (and he bought it new) he's ready to move on. The front end is shot and it has a seized intake valve. He approached me yesterday and offered me the chance to cannibalize ANYTHING I want off of...
  17. Bengoshi2000

    Bad MAF Need Confirmation Pls

    So, I changed out my EGR on 8/13/2016 (after months of it ejaculating oil onto my valve cover). It was pretty well bucked. The intake manifold had about 4-6 mm of buildup. I know that needs to be cleaned, but I didn't have the time. After installation, I noticed an improvement in idle and...
  18. Bengoshi2000

    FS: 2002 Golf TDI Springs

    I did the "beef on a budget" suspension and I have no use for my stock springs. Good condition with 106,000 miles when removed. $90 shipped
  19. Bengoshi2000

    02 Golf Strut/Shocks/Springs - Opinions?

    I had hoped to put off this repair until after the first of the year, but my driver's side strut and mount have conspired against me. I'm on a budget, and not looking for anything other than slightly better than stock performance. Here's what I'm considering and I'd like intelligent...
  20. Bengoshi2000

    Coolant Conundrum - Advice Needed

    I have my oil changed at a local shop. They've handled all my diesels for several years. Had the oil changed this morning and a new "tech" (and I use the term loosely) topped off my coolant with Valvoline Maxlife. I'm pissed because the coolant didn't need topping off (it was only 1/8th of an...