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  1. crashtested


    Sold, no way to delete original post.
  2. crashtested

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! SOB

    Full tilt up out of the ditch, it slipped as it hit the asphalt and just like a line backer dropped it's should right into the front of the right corner. Still not sure how it didn't rip the mirror off or blow out the windshield as it was suddenly all deer, all the time and then it slid down...
  3. crashtested

    Who was going to sell me their RCD-510?

    I stupidly deleted the PM but someone had reached out about selling their unit that had been upgraded - TIA.
  4. crashtested

    2014 JSW - Service Reset???

    In our 2010 it was quite simple... There is no "Reset" option on this 2014 :confused: Can anyone help a guy out? Tap head while shifting from 6-1, chewing bubble gum and singing happy birthday perhaps?
  5. crashtested

    Back in the game!

    Well 13 months after selling our 2010 back to VW and buying a '16 Outback we bought a 2014 CPO Golf Wagon Highline TDI 6MT. I sold my '04 MKIV with 378k km on the clock for $2700 on Friday, flew to the city yesterday, jumped through the dealer hoops then drove home last night. Was a great...
  6. crashtested

    Electrical Gremlin

    Electrical Gremlin? Heading to Spokane for a concert last night and something happened... Noticed coming into Colville that my dash lights were dim and went to turn them up...hmmm already cranked up. Then the ABS light came on... ok no biggie. Another few minutes down the road and OH NO, the...
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    Cruise Control - Is it getting tired?

    140km round trip on the daily so I use my CC quite a bit. Started to notice in the last yr or so that sometimes it seems to forget what speed it was set to and starts slowing down 5-15km before I notice. Tap the gas, BOOM it picks right back up to where it was set. Anyone else experience this?
  8. crashtested

    FS: VW Media cables

    Sold Sold!
  9. crashtested

    OEM VW "Golf" Monster mats - VW Golf/Jetta Wagen MY2009-14

    $50 + shipping Sold our TDI back to VW so these will need to go (stock photo). Came out of a Wagen but may fit other models. 8/10 Condition.
  10. crashtested

    FS: lots of stuff from crashtested in Nelson, BC

    Scroll to the bottom for updated pics and prices!
  11. crashtested

    10PC Complete Interior LED - VW Golf/Jetta MY2009-14

    $50+shipping Selling our TDI back to VW so these will need to go (stock photos). Lifetime warranty on all bulbs. Amazing upgrade for interior lighting.
  12. crashtested

    Drivers door lock wonky... Again!

    2yrs of driving with the door ajar light on, the first 4 blocks with the damned dinger going and interior lights switched off the old mechanism was replaced in October and life was once again good! Rewind 2 weeks and the drivers door won't lock with either the fob, the interior door switch or...
  13. crashtested

    I'm out, it's been fun!

    Too much trepidation after the last FF change where I found enough metal flakes to start seriously worrying about the longevity of this car. Opening up the HPFP port it was clean as could be but I dunno, something just doesn't feel right anymore. We'll still rock the MK4 getting 50mpg + for my...
  14. crashtested

    Part # needed ASAP - Thanks!

    I need to replace the plastic belly pan(s), both left & right sides. Not the skid plate but the pieces that sit directly behind it and runs just past the B pillar. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. crashtested

    Rear facing car seats, which one fits?

    HELP!! I know there must be other parents out there who've faced or will be facing the same problems. What is the smallest rear facing car seat on the market? My wife bought a Britax Chaperone without asking for my input and of course by the time we got around to using it (Baby boy born born...