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  1. christi

    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    I haven't been on here for years and years, but I hope that you folks will forgive me because I am after some help. The situation is that I have been interested in getting an Econoline with a V8 diesel for about 18 years. Back then I forgot about it and bought a Peugeot 806 instead. When our...
  2. christi

    Rear passenger door sometimes unlocks, sometimes doesn't.

    This is on a friend's Seat Toledo which is electrically / mechanically 99% a Mk4 Jetta. The left rear passenger door sometimes unlocks and sometimes doesn't. Locking appears to be reliable. I already pulled off the interior door card. What I can see is a rod coming out of the inside of the...
  3. christi

    Peugeot 604

    Can one of you buy this car and keep it safe just in case I ever decide to move to the USA ?
  4. christi

    Volvo / Audi 5 cyl TDI / Peugeot RWD mixup idea

    I have a 1976 Peugeot 604 V6 gasser here in the UK. I love the car but the situation with it has changed. 1. My left knee is now shot. I can only drive manual cars occasionally. 2. The V6 is both juicy and temperamental. This is the PRV engine that caused so many issues in Volvo 260s in the...
  5. christi

    my new 607

    tomorrow I should be picking up (and paying for :)) my new 607 it's a 2.2 HDI (common rail) with automatic transmission. year 2000 and with 65000 miles on it it has twin climate control (separate left/right controls), heated seats, electric seats, cruise control, satnav, tiptronic or auto...
  6. christi

    Brit visiting NY

    We are planning a second honeymoon (I suppose that's what it is...) as we are married ten years this summer. We've managed to get some folks to look after our three kids for the week here in London. So far all I've done is bought the plane tickets into JFK. Arrive on a Saturday and return on...
  7. christi

    Peugeot 604 turbo diesel on ebay (Virginia)

    A piece of diesel history first turbo diesel to be sold in Europe I have a 604 gasser in the UK and I love it to bits, but this one is a diesel just make sure you test drive it at a decent speed and make the engine work a bit...
  8. christi

    B4 wagon TDI fuel starvation

    My B4 wagon now has 140,000 miles I have been noticing for a while that if I accelerate at full power that the engine starts to cut out at just above 4000rpm. If I rev the engine in neutral, or drive at high revs but not accelerating hard then the engine goes cleanly right up to the rev limiter...
  9. christi

    Peugeot-Volvo-VW engine compatibility ?

    This one is a long shot, but here goes..... Peugeot Renault and Volvo all shared the same 2.7 litre V6 gasser back in the 70s and early 80s (eg the 604). Volvo also fitted a VW six cylinder diesel engine in the 80s to roughly the same vehicle. Does this mean that a VW six cylinder engine uses...
  10. christi

    Recommendations for boost gauge ?

    Can anyone recommend a boost gauge that doesn't start at -1 ? I am after 0 - 2 bar, or 0 - 1.5, or something like that. I would prefer something with black background and white numbers, and if possible an orange needle.
  11. christi

    Dual mass flywheels

    It turns out that my 806 HDI has a dual mass flywheel. Apparently these can cause trouble ( like they fall apart and destroy the transmission ) and as mine has done 160,000 miles a lot of people are telling me to change it when I change the clutch (which will be in the next few weeks ). An...
  12. christi

    Peugeot 806 HDI

    It's a while since I posted anything about the Peugeot. Here is grainy pic of it doing its stuff. Its a 2.0 litre common rail turbo diesel. 110bhp as standard, though mine has some mods. Oversize injectors No cat No EGR Custom intercooler (ready for a chip at some time with higher boost) It...
  13. christi

    B4 Ignition cutting out

    I haven't posted here for a long long time... These days I drive my Peugeot common rail MPV most of the time. The Passat is having a rest as my wife is way more gentle with it than me. It basically takes the kids to school if it is raining and goes to the supermarket once a week or so. Anyway...
  14. christi

    Ford diesel hybrid concept

    a friend emailed be this link "PZEV-Capable Diesel A world first. This twin-turbocharged V-6 diesel not only provides 431 lb.-ft. of torque, it’s 97% cleaner than the Tier 1 emissions standard for NOx. Simply amazing."
  15. christi

    diy a/c recharging

    I have a 1996 Passat TDI with I think 140,000 miles on it here in London in the UK. A few years ago the ac stopped working, and I changed the condensor myself and had it recharged. It cost me a lot of money despite doing most of the work myself ( I took the entire front end off of the car...
  16. christi

    HDI broke down this morning.

    My Peugeot 806 HDI broke down this morning, and I needed a tow home. A pipe between the intercooler and inlet manifold split ( a rubber one that flexes if the engine moves ). I noticed that it is quite oily inside. I am hoping that I don't have some kind of overboost (stuck wastegate or stuck...
  17. christi

    Anyone got a Northern Tool folding trailer ?

    I am looking for the assembly instructions for one of these has anyone got any that they could either scan and email or fax to me ?
  18. christi

    Fitting a 2" ball on to a Euro tow hitch.

    Fitting a 2\" ball on to a Euro tow hitch. I know a few folks on the US have bought Euro tow hitches from UK suppliers (in general the Euro spec ones are better engineered). If you have a Euro hitch, and, if it has a flange mount then this might be useful...
  19. christi

    Excursion and F series question

    Ford has been selling the F-250 and F-350 in Australia for a couple of years now, with right hand drive. Looking at pictures on the web it seems to me that the Excursion front end and the F-350 look pretty similar. Are the steering and dashboard similar enough that one could convert an...
  20. christi

    Water in fuel sensor

    My Peugeot 806 doesn't have a water in fuel sensor, which is a bit of an oversite given that the tiniest amount of water will destroy £1000 worth of injectors. However it looks like all of the wiring is there already, and the fuel filter is the same as that used on a 406 which does have the...