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  1. superskid

    Dieselgeek bypass Oil Filter, 2 Micron filter, some other filter

    I had a bunch of custom pieces on my 2003 Jetta, unfortunately it was in an accident. I did pull out some of the pieces that I thought would have value. I have a dieselgeek oil bypass filter: $160 Also, have the bracket and top for the 2 micron fuel filter kit: $40 And lastly, this filter...
  2. superskid

    Washer Fluid Heater wiring

    For this winter I decided to install a windshield washer fluid heater. The heater I installed heats the fluid up to 135 Farenheit before spraying it onto the windshield instantly clearing away frozen ice. This is the model I installed...
  3. superskid

    Which of these 2 oils should I buy?

    I'm due for an oil change on my 2012 TDI, and just wondering which of these 2 is best? Keep in mind the cold winter ahead in Northern Alberta. I'm not even certain that the Delvac is 507.00 certified which would make this choice pretty quick...
  4. superskid

    Help Installing Alpha-Therm washer fluid heater

    I decided I want to test out an alpha-therm heater, and risk any damage to the windshield in -40, though I think it will be OK. I have a 2012 TDI, and I am wondering where the best place to splice into the washer fluid hose is? In fact I'm not even sure exactly where it is, unless it's the...
  5. superskid

    Ticking noise when car is idling

    2 days ago my car started making a pretty loud ticking noise when the car is idling. It goes away under 2 conditions: 1.) If I touch the gas at all and put any load on the engine. 2.) If I move the gear stick around and find a hidden "sweet spot" and hold it there. It's never in the same...
  6. superskid

    Car says "no key" until I turn off Espar heater

    I just got an Espar heater installed on my MKVI Jetta and is it ever awesome. However, now when I walk up to my car I can't just touch the handle to unlock it I have to use the button on the fob. Then when I go to start the car it says "no key". As soon as I turn the heater off though I can...
  7. superskid

    Help with wiring for blower fan control

    I am just about ready to install an Espar heater into my TDI this weekend and I had a couple of questions regarding the blower fan wiring. I have a 2012 with the dial for fan speed control. Am I able to plug the external 12v control of the blower fan directly to the fan speed that I want? Or...
  8. superskid

    Will pay for Espar heater install

    Anyone in the Edmonton area able to do an Espar heater install? I have tried tracking down Chad. from this thread: but no luck. I am more than happy to pay!! Please PM me.
  9. superskid

    Top side oil change which direction to park on incline

    I have a new to me 2012 TDI and want to use my Mityvac for the first time on it. My driveway has an incline to it and I am wondering if I want to park with the front end a little higher or the backend. Not sure what end of the oilpan the dipstick is on top of. Of course I can always park in...
  10. superskid

    Hardwiring dashcam and gentex mirror to overhead

    I have a 2012 TDI and plan to install my gentex autodimming mirror and dashcam that both just showed up in the mail. There are tons of threads on how to hard wire this into the overhead wiring wear the map light and sunroof controls are. I think I will hook them all up to switched power so...
  11. superskid

    Dashcam and Gentex mirror hard wiring help

    I have a 2012 TDI and plan to install my gentex autodimming mirror and dashcam that both just showed up in the mail. There are tons of threads on how to hard wire this into the overhead wiring wear the map light and sunroof controls are. I think I will hook them all up to switched power so...
  12. superskid

    Hekp stranded on side of highway

    So I am currently stranded on the side of the highway with a flat on my front passenger side. When I pulled over and looked there is a burning smell and smoke coming from that wheel base. Now I'm 99% sure didn't have the ebrake on, but wouldn't that be the back tire anyway and not cause a...
  13. superskid

    Winters from my 03 on my 12

    I stripped the tires and rims off my 2003 TDI 2 years ago when it was wrecked, and this past summer I bought a 2012 TDI. Can I just bolt the winter tires and rims from my 2003 right on to my 2012. My 2003's tires were 195/65 r 15 and the tires on my 2012 right now are 225/45 r 17. I am hoping...
  14. superskid

    507.00 spec Oil in Canada

    I just upgraded from my 2003 and I am used to being able to go down to Walmart and grab some Rotella T when it is on sale. Where can I purchase 507.00 in Canada? Do I have any options other than the Castrol from the dealer?
  15. superskid

    Oil Extractor powerd by air

    I was going to go purchase the Pela 6000 or PL650 to do oil changes on my new 2012 TDI, but then I saw this on sale. I realize it may be a bit overkill, but will it in any way be worse than a Pela? (besides storage space)...
  16. superskid

    Radio model

    I am have a 2012 w/ NAV and I am located in Canada. I am curious to know if there is an easy way to find out what radio model I have? I would like to install the backup cam mod, but not if I need to replace the HU as well. Thanks in advance!
  17. superskid

    New car and a couple of questions

    Hey guys, I just picked up a 2012 TDI with 24K on it. Platinum grey full load w/ NAV. I've been waiting for the right deal to finally replace my 2003 TDI that was written off 2 years ago. I stripped some old mods off my old car before the wreckers picked it up and I am wondering if any of...
  18. superskid

    Thoughts on 2012 TDI Full Load w/Nav

    A friend of a friend is looking to trade in his 2012 TDI Highline FULL Load w/NAV for an STI. It is the Canadian version (if there is a dif in the highline w/nav) and has 22,000km. It was rear ended on the back corner and needed new fender and rim. Total was $2100 in repairs so over the...
  19. superskid

    2003 TDI (alberta) What do you think?

    After my 2003 Jetta was written off I am looking to replace it as I absolutely loved it. I have been trying to research prices as I owned that car from new. This one seems decent, but I was hoping to get some opinions of the forum members who have helped me out so much. Thanks...
  20. superskid

    Some questions about 2012 TDI

    I finally got the insurance money in for my 2003 TDI (loved that car, 300,000km) and am really considering a new 2012 Jetta. Yes I have read all about the HPFP dilemma but now I have some other questions I was hoping I could get help with. 1.) I have read about the intercoolers freezing...