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  1. benmarks

    Who has decent 5sp shifter knob/boot assemblies?

    This probably isn't the answer you're looking for, but I have one of these and it's pretty high quality: I think they're around $110 shipped. And, you don't have to pick illuminated if you don't want it (though that's sorta their thing.) There are some...
  2. shifter_and_stereo.jpg


  3. benmarks

    Golf MK4 Manual swap

    I'd recommend considering a 6-speed "02M" transmission. There are a few places that sell entire kits, including the extras for an auto-to-manual swap. Here is one example. Whether you get an 02M or the stock 02J, there are a number of different transmission codes and gear ratios. You aren't...
  4. benmarks

    4Motion Hitch Question

    To follow up on this, Korwerks says there is a difference between the FWD and 4Motion hitches. He thinks he can salvage the one I previously mentioned, but didn't get in any other 4Motion-specific versions recently.
  5. benmarks

    Mk4 Under-Hood Lighting, Write-Up

    Looks pretty sweet. Is that a Duracell Platinum AGM battery?If so, that's what I have too. One of the only Made in USA car batteries.
  6. benmarks

    Manual to power windows

    I think you might also be able to swap the CCM's between the two cars too. I don't think the CCM is protected by the Immobilizer. I'm not 100% sure of this.
  7. benmarks

    Manual to power windows

    If they're the same year, they'd probably have the same CCM. For MK4 cars, I think there are only 2, the 1J0 CCM for pre-2002 and the 1C0 CCM for post 2002. What you might need to do is modify the EEPROM of the CCM. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect your car with the manual windows shipped with...
  8. benmarks

    Mk4 Steering rack replacement

    If the cars has ASR/ESP, all the electronic stuff has to match or else you may have really bad intermittent issues with understeer. This thread has more info:
  9. benmarks

    Mk4 Steering rack replacement

    I don't have the threads in front of me, but if I remember correctly, you have to be very careful to make sure that you use the appropriate steering angle sensors. I don't think you can use the steering angle sensors that come out of the donor car. If you have the ASR/ESP button on your...
  10. benmarks

    Mk4 Steering rack replacement

    Do you have ASR or ESP traction control? From what I understand, this greatly complicates this upgrade.
  11. benmarks

    Gas cluster in diesel 2000 beetle (want to wire a glow plug light)

    This is a total guess, but could this be related to using an IMMO3 cluster?
  12. benmarks

    Bilstein Question

    Do I need to change anything on the front, though? I wasn't under the impression I needed to change anything from a suspension standpoint on the front of my car during this project. The only front components that came with the 4Motion donor car backend were the two front axles. I was hoping to...
  13. benmarks

    Bilstein Question

    Followup question... if I need to determine if the 4Motion MK4 parts are different from FWD (which I am assuming they are,) and I need to order them, how might I determine this info? I tried the UK Bilstein site, but nowhere do they list part numbers. The US site doesn't let you search for...
  14. benmarks

    Bilstein Question

    Great, thanks.
  15. benmarks

    Bilstein Question

    I tried searching but couldn't find a good answer. I installed Bilstein Sports on my car. Since then, it looks like Bilstein their changed product lines, because there's no more "HD" or "Sport" as far as I can tell. I apparently need to swap my rear Sports during my 4Motion project, but I am not...
  16. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Hehehe, exactly.
  17. benmarks

    Matching Transmission Code to Model Year

    Ok, thanks. Might take me a few days to get that info.
  18. benmarks

    New tires installed, but now there's loud tire noise....?????

    If it's an option (i.e. the shop you used has the machine,) you can try and ask them to balance them using one of those force balancer machines. Some shops have the machine but don't use it unless you ask (like Les Schwab here in the northwest.)
  19. benmarks

    Matching Transmission Code to Model Year

    I have a donor 4Motion backend, but I don't have a VIN. It's just the chopped off back 1/3 of the car. The only identifying info I have is the code stamped on the 6-speed 02Y gearbox: ESW According to this link, that gearbox was used from April 2001 until May, 2003...
  20. benmarks

    New MK4 owner - 2005 Jetta Wagon

    That free tool mentions the type of cable you might need, and I think it's the same kind of cable that'd work with VCDS Lite. "When choosing an interface for VCDS-Lite, we recommend getting one that's based on an FTDI FT232 Chip."