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  1. PakProtector

    Bad Belt Tensioner?

    You sure? This is a BEW...belt has grooves on both sides... Douglas
  2. PakProtector

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Did the blend doors; used the printed plug kit from ebay. It fit quite well. On the rhs door, I suggest fitting the big plugs first; this will reduce the risk of dropping a small plug through the bigger holes. Not something any of youse would want to have happen... :) cheers, Douglas
  3. PakProtector

    Who has decent 5sp shifter knob/boot assemblies?

    I'd like something a wee bit better than the ones I see listed at around $15. Something short of a NOS R32 one though...LOL cheers, Douglas
  4. PakProtector

    BEW guys, 80k means 80k! (Or 5 Years)

    Yep...they are allowed to dance close to each other...but no kissing. Looks like a perfect time to add a stud kit to the build... :) cheers, Douglas
  5. PakProtector

    Golf MK4 Manual swap

    It could be you are right could be indeed. I did find those nuts, and did pull the socket out. Having wired a socket or two wrong, I like easy ways to be sure… :) The other bit I am going to do is install a defeat for the clutch interlock; I want to be able to start this puppy in gear...
  6. PakProtector

    ok, what is the best tool and way to remove the fuel cutoff switch on the IP

    No lever for these beasties Andy. The 12mm pump head is not w/o its charm, but they are a bit big to fuel all the way if you turn them past 3000 rpm I think. The dose of fuel they could deliver at lower speed would make clutch selection a bit more difficult...LOL cheers, Douglas
  7. PakProtector

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    That is about typical...did you remember to get the foam block out that is at the top of the fender arch? cheers, Douglas
  8. PakProtector

    2002 jetta glow plug tip broke

    Agree with Nero, you can pull the head and remove it, or you can replace the valves and maybe the turbo and *THEN find and remove it. cheers, Douglas
  9. PakProtector

    01M auto in 2002 TDI Jetta w/100,544 miles (original owner) reverse issues HELP PLEASE

    I have no idea... I have an 02 also, and it is getting a 5sp BEFORE any of this happens( as in the 01m has been sitting on my floor for a week ). In the mean time I have a nice paperweight... :) Douglas
  10. PakProtector

    Golf MK4 Manual swap

    I think I am going to disagree with you tgray...I have most of the mechanicals done by now, and there is the clutch/starter interlock's wiring. There is not much room under there and where the instructions say cut this wire and splice or connect to another wire, swinging a cutter and crimper...
  11. PakProtector

    R32 Upgrades for a MK4 Wagon. R32 Knuckles but NOT lowered? Coding Steering for R32 Rack? Camber adjustment? Brakes?

    I have 288's inside of RX2 16-ers. GG rated pads. This is quite nice; the 288 are 5mm thicker...312 will be a bit heavier. I have now an ALH too, and it is going to want 288 also. I may try 17" and 312 this next time. cheers, Douglas
  12. PakProtector

    17/22 cold side on VNT17

    The VNT17 I have on my Son's Jetta hooks up just like a VNT15 thanks to a wee bit o' work with a bandsaw and TIG machine... :) cheers, Douglas
  13. PakProtector

    BEW guys, 80k means 80k! (Or 5 Years)

    Examine the statistics...if 80k gets darned near everybody there safely, then it just depends on the shape of the curve as to how safe 100k actually is. So what causes the stress? My money is on the injection pumps. Sooo...a tune that holds them open longer, without bumping nozzle size is...
  14. PakProtector

    Golf MK4 Manual swap

    And this looks like The Way: how to adjust iq with vag com. | TDIClub Forums Now how far down can VAG-Com take it down? cheers, Douglas
  15. PakProtector

    ok, what is the best tool and way to remove the fuel cutoff switch on the IP

    Use a good 6-point on it. You will be decidedly unhappy if it gets rounded off... Of course I spent most of my tool collection money on 6-point...due to their better ability to deliver torque to a nut...and VW seems to have some special affinity for 12 points. Douglas
  16. PakProtector

    Mk 4 1.9 tdi fuel filter o ring sizes

    I just checked the bags I got from the shop across the street from work. They're size 012. And it is .070" x-section... :) nominal 1/16" cheers, Douglas
  17. PakProtector

    How noisy is your car after all these years?

    With a manual swap underway, I am missing the foam insert around the shifter. Right below this( the bottom of the shifter box ) is a very fine 'speaker cone' in the form of a thin sheet metal stamping. Right below that is the heat shield and right below that is the road...with tires rolling...
  18. PakProtector

    Golf MK4 Manual swap

    It is a matter of 5 or 6 speeds. and then of course picking ones with long gearing; in case of 5sp either EGR or EUH. 6Spd I have not memorized the codes yet. 5sp is 228mm clutch, and 6sp is 240mm...but read around about going from DMF to SMF flywheels on the 6sp...not quite a Confirmed Good...
  19. PakProtector

    Mk 4 1.9 tdi fuel filter o ring sizes

    Viton for the black. Flurosilicone for the blue. cheers, Douglas
  20. PakProtector

    WTB Metalnerd tools

    For an ALH, you will want the puller for the cam pulley, the green or blue counter-hold bar( shown above in green ), the cam lock plate and the injection pump pin. You should be able to get away w/o the crank lock...though that BRM/BEW one there is not applicable. cheers, Douglas