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    Motive power bleeder

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    CR TDI filters (CJAA, CBEA)

    I have some filters left over that I will not be needing due to my TDI going back in dieselgate. 3 oil filters (1 genuine (VW P/N 071 115 562 C, 2 Mann HU 719 /7x) that are identical other than one is in a vw box and a fuel filter (P/N 1K0 127 434 B) that is the single hole style... SOLD...
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    VCDS Hex Can FS

    Bought new about a year ago, sold my R32 yesterday and my JSW is going back due to dieselgate so I will not need it. Original price from Ross+Tech was $349. Will take $275 shipped to the continental United States... Please email me if interested at or PM me here Sent from...
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    I'm out guys it's been fun.

    We'll I went yesterday and traded mama's Passat in for a new one. And no it had nothing to do with dieselgate, honestly she doesn't drive it as much as I did and the diesel was a little much for 10-15k a year. They had a huge incentive offered on a 1.8t limited edition 2015 model that I...
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    Rotella T6 in an "off road" CR tdi

    I know this has been asked before and have seen it but searching has not revealed the info I am looking for. My JSW has been relegated to an off road track car as of this week (dpf fell off) and I will be due an oil change soon. Since I no longer require 507.00 spec oil for low ash, what is...
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    different DSG fluid brands compatibility

    Hello all. I just changed my dsg fluid this past weekend and used the Liquimoly fluid I purchased from idparts when doing so. 300 or so miles later and my filter housing o-ring has sprung a leak. I am going to get a new filter and o-ring and need to top off the fluid and re-drain. I have a...
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    4 16 inch Biolines with Hankook Optimo 725 tires

    FYI. This is my ad on the vortex. PM me if interested. 4 16 inch Biolines with Hankook Optimo 725 tires
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    Malone 1.5 and DSG Tune done today, WOW!

    Just got my JSW done today and wanted to give a big shout out to Andrew (Newzboys) for hooking me up. I was in the Atlanta area on business this week and inquired about a tune and he was able to work me in this afternoon before I headed home... Once he was done, I drove a little over 200 miles...
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    DSG observations while in Reverse

    OK, I know there have been a couple of threads regarding the DSG when using reverse and its oddities compared to a regular auto trans. I have noticed however that it varies by transmission. I recently (February) got a JSW to accompany my Passat and now have 2 cars with DSG. I have noticed...
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    Back from the tint shop

    Just got her back from getting tint today. Sorry for the cheap cell photo. Planning on getting a good wash this weekend and get some better pics then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Burning smell after driving several miles

    OK guys, before the gnashing of teeth begins, I have now owned 3 new CR TDI vehicles and am well aware of the Regen process and the associated sounds, smells and the whole bit. That being said, I have a question. I picked up my JSW on Tuesday night and both Wednesday and Thursday I drove quite...
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    Picking her up on Tuesday

    Good evening everybody. Just dropping off to say hello and hope to browse over in this area beginning later this week. Picking up a 2013 Platinum Grey TDI JSW to replace my wife's Tiguan. It will accompany my Platinum Grey Passat as a stable mate. Super excited and looking forward to being a...
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    Fuel filter canister leak?

    Seems like there was a post about this some time back, I searched but could not find it so please excuse the repost. My Passat has 27k on it and I noticed a raw diesel smell this morning when I got out while it was running after about 60 highway miles. I popped the hood and noticed a film of...
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    Anyone know if the new Passat has an intercooler

    This may be a stupid question, but I was poking under the hood of my Passat today and the intake plumbing looks significantly different (among other things) than the CR TDI Jetta that it replaced. The main difference is I cannot find any intake plumbing going to an intercooler. Did not crawl...
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    DG Six Sigma Short Shifter

    I am selling my DG Six Sigma Short Shifter. I had it on a 2010 Jetta TDI and ran it for 20K miles. I traded my Jetta in for a 2012 Passat a couple of weeks ago and it is DSG so I do not need this shifter. It is complete and ready to install. I will download and print out installation...
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    Metal Skid Plates yet?

    I know it is a new model, but anybody have a line on a skid plate for the new Passat yet? I had a DieselGeek on my MKV Jetta and it was DA BOMB... Feelin kinda naked without one on my Passat currently with winter coming on...
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    My 2012 Passat

    Went from this To this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well I went and done it

    Went to dealer today to look at the new Passat demo as I really wanted a little bit more room than the Jetta can provide. Ended up leaving with a TDI SE with sunroof DSG that they had on the lot, so far I am loving it. Was able to get 1.9% for 60 months and actually had equity in my Jetta even...
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    Finally a day with no snow

    I was able to finally wash my car today. The weatherman says at least a week with decent weather. WOO HOO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk