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    Buyback question ~ consigner and wait times

    Yeah that was some auto correct magic. Unfortunately by cosigning the loan we both ended up on the registration. Not sure if that's just the law here in Maryland or what but when the registration showed up both of our names were on it.
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    Buyback question ~ consigner and wait times

    I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my buy back money so I've just had my car parked for the last two months. I decided to move forward with it this month and submitted all my documents today. I have a consigner on my loan and I'm curious if they need to be there when I...
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    Anyone changing their mind on buyback?

    Can't wait to dump the thing and wash my hands of the situation. The fuel savings aren't worth the headache and potential for massively expensive repairs these things can run into. $7k if my HPFP blows up? Wouldn't have bought it knowing what I know now. I have zero faith in VW for honoring any...
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    Will VW Offer Generous Loyalty Rebates On New Cars?

    If VW has any interest in growing their US market share they darn well better offer some good incentives. They really need to retain a good portion of these customers or they are in trouble. You have to figure a good chunk of the tdi customers probably liked their cars, they are good cars after...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Have you been in or driven an H1? They're really not great trucks. Cool factor is undeniable but they are painfully slow and handle poorly. I'm a rugged truck junkie too and if I had h1 money I would spend it on a restored landcruiser. FJ40, 70, or 80 for sure. If you can nab a Canadian diesel...
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    Gasoline Volkswagens

    Is that decision made from a standpoint of reliability. I know modern bmw and mb are fairly reliable but repair costs can be astronomical even for smaller stuff. If your willing to wrench yourself it's not as bad but VW is certainly cheaper to maintain. I haven't owned a VW gasser but several...
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    Incentives to stay with VW/Audi?

    Yeah they seem to kill you on small fees here on md. I'm seeing dealers in my area with gtis 6-8k off MSRP so even paying $500 in doc fees plus destination and taxes would put you around $4500-$5000 off MSRP. Very tempting for sure especially if I can nab 0% VW financing. I have to see if my...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    It certainly is impossible to calculate them the same way they did the others because there wasn't NADA data available. In my humble opinion in lieu of having the same third party values for the cars that all other models had, the most honest and transparent method would be to use another...
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    From My Cold Dead Hands

    I'm in the same boat with the 2015's having a bit of a weaker offer. At this point in leaning towards driving it until about 1 mile before the warranty is up and turning it in. I have to double check what the offer will be with the miles I'm likely to have at the time and make sure it puts the...
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    They will certainly be selling these cars after they are in compliance. I would imagine there will be some threshold of what qualifies a car to be worth fixing and reselling though.
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    From My Cold Dead Hands

    I wouldn't get overly excited about your car getting fixed until it's an option that is actually available. Especially with a 2010. If every owner here put 200k on their cars and got the money back you wouldn't see any complaints from sane people. The problem for most people unhappy with the...
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    Why do people continue to make the mistake of comparing their deal to that of others. I just don't get what's so hard to understand. A lot of people aren't getting their money back after a good amount of usage like you. People with newer cars especially are finding the deal luke warm when the...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    I seriously doubt it will have any impact on diesel fuel cost. Every big rig you see driving down the road and all gamut of smaller delivery vehicles are diesel along with most military vehicles and many others. TDi's are a small fraction of the entire US diesel fleet.
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    Yes they're imported but there is a difference between being imported at wholesale by the tens of thousands and needing to order through smaller suppliers that import by the tens. Not saying that it's even a concern at this point because it's probably not. They're also likely more than enough...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    I don't disagree. To further muddy things up the 2015 is the first year of this platform so if the 2016+ cars don't come the 2015 is kind of on it's own. If parts end up being super expensive because they need to be imported it will make the ROI on the deisel even harder to achieve.
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    CARB chief optimistic about 2.0 fix, but NOT about 3.0 (7/29/16 Fortune article)

    I would imagine if you're buying it to keep it and drive it not much risk. Probably will even get some restitution if they come up with a fix.
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    Interesting that it's going back up. I guess as people forget about dieselgate the values will move back in line with what they should have been.
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    Mine is a 6mt so I don't have to worry about that one thanks though. Something just popped into my mind that I realized when the tables came out which I hadn't mentioned in this thread. The buy back price VW is giving for the Sep 2015 value is almost the same as the clean trade value today. I...
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    Insuring the buyback agreement against problems

    As mentioned above you are covered after 9/16 against a total loss. Mechanical failure is still on us though so if you have a higher mileage car I would try to get it turned in as quickly as possible or park it until they schedule your buy back which may be an option for people with an extra...
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    VWGoA – Online Claims

    Stories like yours are what worries me about keeping a tdi long term in general. The thought of getting a 3k repair on a car that has 100k miles pretty much negates all the benefits of fuel savings. I know many owners have had the DPF and HPFP go much further without failure but those DPF's are...