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    MK7 VWR springs/vent pod/wheels/lights

    selling my car, going back to stock. Have the following parts for sale. All items are located in Charlotte NC. VWR springs (for non IRS TDI) 20k miles on them. $150 Enkei Raijin wheels 18x8 5x112 + Nexen N5000 tires 235/40/18. 10k miles on them $700 Newsouth performance ventpod. Held...
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    rattling noise around 2000 rpm

    I've been experiencing a weird rattling noise that is getting worse over time. It only happens on a warm engine, the oil temp has to be over 185 and cat temp > 500 F. Under moderate engine load (25%-60% throttle) there is what sounds like an exhaust buzzing from 1500rpm to 2500rpm. Getting...
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    First DEF fillup

    Figured I'd share about my DEF fillup since not many of us have hit that mark yet. I was originally told the dealer should fill up at 10k service but lately my dealer service department hasn't been impressing me so I didn't want the bother to take it to them. my adblue warning came on at 13k...