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    Reintroducing the Mk IV Jetta and Golf

    Does anybody know any details about the recently reintroduced the Mk IV Jetta and Golf that are being sold in Canada under the "City" brand?,2253,143,00.html To the best of my knowlege the only place they are still in production is China where you can still order a...
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    Mk IV back for sale in Canada

    I see that VW Canada is bringing the Mk IV Golf and Jettas back and taking orders on new ones. AFAIK these models are only being made in China now. Are the Canadian versions being imported from China?
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    Built in Navi for $499

    If you were thinking about adding a Navi system to your VW but the idea of going to the color moving map with a MFD and FIS cluster change is too big or expensive a job consider, there is an alternative in the form of putting a Navi from Becker in the dash instead. This Navi is like the non MFD...
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    JP-4 in a Diesel?

    I know an old guy who collects aircraft as a hobby. He has more money than I could dream of but he is a skinflint when it comes to buying anything except an aircraft. He owns one of the larger FBO's near me and over the years has accumulated about 5k gallons of JP-4 from transport aircraft he...