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    Anyone out there rocking a B4 still? Free parts!

    Howdy Clubbers! Free parts, might help an oldie Passat live on? helped a buddy tear apart a 96 B4 TDI SEDAN for a swap he's doing. drivetrain and most of the interior is spoken for. car is dark green and most body panels EXCEPT drivers door are rust free and straight. bumpers are whole and not...
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    B5.5 Passat wagon part out

    Howdy folks! Parting a reflex silver b5.5 Passat Variant It's a 1.8t. Hood, front face, doors, hatch, rear bumper, tail lights ARE SPOKEN FOR. Anything else is available. Black Cloth interior, 1.8t engine runs excellent, auto-spastic trans is toast. Car goes under the knife in next 2...
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    ...reflex silver mk4 Jetta rear doors. I parted a sedan, kept parts for my wagon. CAR IS GONE. I have a pair or absolutely MINT reflex silver rear sedan doors just taking up space. ZERO rust, no dents. It's a shame to scrap them. Somebody come get these in the next 2 days or they're going in the...
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    Still Rockin that MK4? Need good cheap parts? LOOK HERE!! :D

    Howdy TDiclubbers! Its been a little while since I've been active on the forum, haven't had much time for projects and such with two little boys to chase after :p Our very faithful ALH Golf has finally reached the end of its road. We're still a diesel family though, with the CJAA A3, the AHU...
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    Need some LCA's, spindles

    Howdy folks! gearing up for a suspension refresh and want to minimize downtime. Anyone have a pair of LCA's for mk4 laying about you want to get rid of? thanks!
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    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year to all! May 2015 bring all the best to you and yours. Happy Dieseling!:D
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    Golf MK4 Ball joints

    Hi all! Ordering up some parts to further the suspension refresh. On rockauto, does anyone have a clue as to what "part is designed for EU vehicles" means, as relates to ball joints? They also list a couple different "cone sizes" for the ball joints. Which one is correct? Are there REALLY...
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    Springs and Dampers: Golf mk4

    Hi all! Looking at a suspension refresh (ok, maybe a reBUILD:D) on Wifey's '02 Golf. New TT bushings, strut mounts bump stops etc. This car is a daily driven and carries mostly the kids and groceries, the odd road trip. (we mostly use the Wagon for longer trips.) I'm undecided between Billie...
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    Headlight Stone Guard

    Hi folks! Need to get my hands on some protector film. goes by plenty of names: clear bra, stone guard, chip guard, headlight film, stone shield etc etc... My new to me wheels have some rather hard to find glass lenses on the headlights, and i'd like to protect them. No one sells a kit for...
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    VW - Audi OEM Rim ID

    Howdy Folks! Need some assistance. Looking at picking up a set of used rims for the Audi. I need to be able to tell OEM's from REP's, as there are lots of reps floating around out there. Now, I'm not necessarily against picking up rep's, I'm more interested in paying the PROPER <read...
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    Anyone out there Driving in from Ottawa<Nepean> to the GTA?

    If so, would you be willing to bring a couple items along for the ride? Any assistance greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
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    Is there Anyone in the St Cats/Port Robinson area...

    ...who perhaps travels into the GTA, could pick up a few small car parts and bring them into the GTA for me? Kinda like, if you're already making the trip, perhaps this gear could tag along? I could meet anywhere between Scarborough and Brampton to make it a little more convenient. I'd really...
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    2002 Golf TDi - PART OUT Car is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Will ship, so long as you make it worth my time.:D Cheers!
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    Newest Club Member!

    Aydin August 29, 2012 6 lbs 12 oz, 24" Aydin had a bit of a rough start, and had a stay at Sick Kids for a few weeks. Yet he is now home, happy and healthy, and Mom is doing well too! Many thanks for the support of my friends out there on the Club... You guys are great! Cheers!
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    2002 Golf TDi - PART OUT

    Howdy folks! As the title says, I have one '02 Golf I'm parting. This Golf was our Family's daily for a few years, until it saved my Wife's and my own lives by taking a rear-end hit. Not only that, this little VW then drove us home from the crash site.:eek: At any rate, we have since...
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    3rd Annual Spring Cruise to Jitterbug!

    Ok, so I said I'd post a new thread, so here it is:p:p:p Old thread: Last year's event = Awesome... This year's = Better:D This is a posting for all info regarding this year's Spring Cruise to the June Jitterbug! The Cruise: Meet Point: 4000...
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    ECM Swap

    Hi all! Need some help with an ECM swap. I have 2 (two) Identical 2002 Golf GLS Tdi's, and need to swap the ECM's between them. My understanding is that in order for the cars to start and run correctly after physically swapping the ECMs, one needs an "SKC" for the clusters, and there is some...
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    Emission Test in Brampton

    Hi all! Need to get a TDi e-tested in Brampton today. Anyone know of a good, reliable shop with a quick in-out? 410 and bovaird. I dont know the area. Thanks!
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    Happy New Year!

    All the best to everyone for 2012! May the New Year bring great things to you and your families. Cheers, All!
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    2nd Annual Spring Cruise/25th Annual Jitterbug

    Greetings Ontario TDi Clubbers! This is a posting for all info regarding this year's Spring Cruise to the June Jitterbug! The Cruise: Meet Point: 4000 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7M 4B9. Tim Hortons parking lot, South East corner of Mainway and Walkers Line. Easy access from 403. Sunday...