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    Why is the ventiation system blowing HOT air only?

    Hoping that someone here can clue me in on what is happening with my Golf. Driving along the other day I suddenly noticed that the cabin was getting very warm - it was set to blow cold, and I had already been underway for about an hour when it happened. Turning on the AC does nothing, it just...
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    Heavy smoke after sitting for 3 months

    I parked my 2000 Golf TDI for 3 months approximately. The car was running very well before I parked it and smoked very little. After sitting, I was getting ready to re-insure it and put it back on the road, but now it smokes heavily and it does not seem to go away. Still starts easily. Any...
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    Best deal on a BEW timing belt job (BC, Canada)

    Need to get timing belt done on the Jetta and was phoning some of the trusted mechanics for a quote Yogi in New West 950 PG Performance in Surrey 950 JS Performance in Abbotsford 755 I am not excited about driving to Abbotsford, but for nearly 200 bucks less, it is hard to justify not doing...
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    How bad is this?

    was changing oil on my Golf today and noticed some strange metal shavings in the engine bay. Turns out that a damper? (I'm not sure what the proper term for this is)on the serpentine belt had broken lose and was rattling against the pulley. The shavings are from the pulley. Please see pictures...
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    Abs light on / Airbag light on / no code

    My yr 2000 Golf TDI is experiencing some gremlins: first abs light is on - somtimes it will briefly turn off, but brake pedal will vibrate. Then this morning, airbag light is on too! For some time I have also had issues with the lights. When lights are turned on, and if signaling to the...
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    Left blinker activates all lights on the back of the car!

    I recently noticed that when signaling to the left the blinker will usually start out at normal speed, but then start blinking very rapidly. I first though I had a burnt out light bulb, but when I looked closer, they all still work, but almost every light bulb on the back of the car, left and...
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    Engine shudder when coming to a stop

    I would greatly appreciate some input on this issue with my ALH Golf. The car has just rounded 300K km and generally pulls strong and runs very well. The one minor issue is that quite frequently the engine will shudder just as the car comes to a stop at an intersection. It is a bit odd - I...
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    When is the turbo supposed to kick in?

    I have noticed with my PD powered Jetta that the turbo seems to be whistling away even while idling - while this may be good for power delivery, it seems unusual. Am I hearing something else? My ALH powered Golf clearly does not have any detectable turbo whistle until 1500+ rpm.
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    Faulty coolant temp sensor?

    My Golf is never getting up to proper temperature - according to the temp gauge. However the heater blows hot air inside the cabin relatively quickly after start up, which makes me think it is likely a faulty coolant temp sensor. Would a faulty temp sensor produce error codes? My car had no...
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    Does my Golf require immediate carbon cleaning?

    My Golf starts up instantly but the engine does not run very smoothly, and seems to be a bit short on power. This car is new to me, and I honestly don't quite know how it is supposed to run, but I am not satisfied at this point. Here is what I have done so far: Checked air filter (clean) and...
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    2005 Jetta - hard starting warm

    my Jetta starts up very easy when cold and runs great, but warm starting takes a fair bit of cranking. I have read on this forum about the camshaft positioning sensor being a fairly common cause of this issue on the PD engine. Would there be a code in the system if it is the sensor? I don't...
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    Dealer installed timing belt - how long does it last?

    I recently purchased a 2005 Jetta TDI. The current mileage is 189K km, and the VW dealer that serviced the car up until a couple of years ago told me that they had replaced the timing belt at 116K km. I asked when it is due again and the service advisor told me they need to be done every 100 K...
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    "pulsating" clutch

    on my new to me 2005 Jetta TDI (189,000 km), I can feel some pulsating when lightly pressing the clutch at idle. I also find the clutch rather abrupt - but I don't know if this is a sign of something wrong, or if it is just different from the Honda that I had previously :confused: The car pulls...