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    ALH misfire, white smoke, and no turbo. ***?!

    My 2001 Jetta has decided to be needy again. Here's what I've faced in the last week or so. 1: Pulled the original turbo and replaced it with a $700 ebay turbo, because there was in and out play and lots of it, I also shortly after discovered that the housings were cut up pretty bad.. 2: motor...
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    Well, KermaTDI seems to have closed up (but, not really). now what?

    I have an '01 with an ALH and an 02J EGR trans. I was hoping on parking the car next summer and building the car up, using a lot from KermaTDI. I was wanting some oversized injectors, new rods, gaskets, belt, rings, and turbo, a 5th gear upgrade, an OMI and a tune. Well, from what I've seen...