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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    2003 vw golf Tdi 5spd just turned 327150 miles
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    TDI guru central PA

    I must have mis read something, I thought you were in Harrisburg....
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    TDI guru central PA

    Rickcj7 did you try Doug Baums shop, I have had excellent work done there and travel from Lancaster to his shop in New Cumberland for all my work.....
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    MKIV-A4 High Mileage Club! What have you racked up so far?

    03 Golf Tdi 300k DMF replaced at 285k everything else stock....
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    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    Just wondering how many miles everybody has put on a TDI so far.....Im at 300 k on 03 golf tdi.....
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    99.5 Jetta shaking idle

    Sounds like what happened to my 03 golf tdi, would shake at idle.... really noticed it with door open...turned out to be DMF (coming apart) 285k on odometer, started to have trouble going into reverse......had it changed to vr6 flywheel and clutch...runs like new....did rear main seal while in...