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    Vag-Com needed for my 01 TDI - Burlington area

    pm me with your number. I am in Oakville 4th line and Lakeshore. Mike
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    Veggie Kit FINALLY installed

    Kingkos. I also have the greasecar kit but have yet to install it. I live in Oakville and would be very intrested in seeing your install if possible. Thanks, Mike
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    Windshield GB summary

    Please confirm me but if at all possible the 16th would work out much better fo me. Regards, Mike
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    Winsdheild group buy GTA area

    Guess I'll grab 1:30 then. Thanks, Mike
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    Winsdheild group buy GTA area

    I would appreciate a spot too for my 01 Jetta. Thanks, Mike
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    TDI Sport Badges *** ALL SOLD OUT! ***

    Re: TDI Sport Badges Paypal sent. Mike
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    HID / Halogen E-Code Best Price info needed!

    Any more info on the Jetta HID's? Mike
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    For those who have Upgraded to the OEM VW NAVI

    My Jetta is a 2001 (immo 2) with an immo 3 FIS cluster and Version D nav unit. Everything works perfectlly including the wheel buttons. The only thing I had to do other than the standard addition of wires to the MFA stalk was to add 3 wires between the cluster and the nav unit. THere was some...