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    Arizona Settlement and Payout

    Looks like the state of Arizona settled separately with VW. Owners may be getting additional money from the state. Interesting.... No details yet on what the qualifications will be or when the payouts may happen...
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    Local Dealer Selling 2012 Buyback

    Did I miss something on the gen2 fixes? Local dealer has a couple pre-2015 passats for sale. Carfax shows they were bought back by VW, but are now being resold. Did the EPA approve the fix for these? Prices are about $5k below buyback values. In other words overpriced IMO.
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    Factory Head Unit from 2010 Jetta

    RCD-510 CD/Radio US Version, assembled in Portugal. Genuine VW/Delphi unit. Premium sound stereo with touch screen, 6 disc CD changer, SD card slot, etc. RCD-510 model. I got this unit to replace a failed unit on my Jetta. With the buyback, I swapped the old "dead" unit back in the car...
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    Buyback Lessons Learned

    Just thought I'd start this thread for late comers, procrastinators and just folks that put off doing the buyback/modification until later. So what are your lessons from the buyback, such as pitfalls to avoid, things to speed things along, or just general tips for making the process as smooth...
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    3.0 Settlement Timely Fix Question

    I'm considering replacing my wife's 9 year old Lexus RX400h with a Gen 2 Q5 or Q7 but had a question regarding the settlement details. I haven't researched the court documents closely, but see that there are two different payment tables. One addresses timely fix and the other if the fix is not...
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    So what will happen with all of the buyback cars?

    VW is going to be sitting on almost half a million used vehicles when this is all over. So seriously, what do you think is going to happen with all of these cars? Here is what I would do if I was running VW. 1. Fix all of the gen 3 cars. Resell clean examples at dealerships perhaps as CPO's...
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    100% confirmed 1st of the month is date for mileage adjustment

    Finally turned in my car yesterday on 3/1. I originally uploaded my documents on 9/26, had green checkmarks mid November and now finally its done...almost. No Chase email yet though. :( There is a bit of good news in waiting so long. I've had the car parked for the last 2 months because I...