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    WTB: ALH Automatic Injection pump (11mm) (WV)

    Looking to buy a known good automatic ALH injection pump for my '02 ALH/01M car with a dead pump. The closer to WV, the better (or willing to ship) Thanks!
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    2002 ALH No Start Diagnostic

    Alright gents, here's a fun one. 2002 Jetta ALH/01M ~182k No start, sat for three years. PO told me he thought the injection pump died. Things I've checked/done so far: - Brand new H7 battery (old one was dead from sitting) - Timing belt is intact and looks good (was changed in 2017) - Removed...
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    Mk6 DSG interchange

    Hey y'all, Gearing up to pick up a 2012 4 door Golf TDI that has a few solenoid codes in the DSG. Doesn't grab reverse when warm, etc... For the record, it's comically cheap, I'm a pretty decent wrench, and I did pretty much everything on my old mk4 TDI short of beam bushings (didn't need 'em)...
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    WTB: BEW mk4 Golf or Jetta Wagon

    Like the title says, I'm looking to get my hands on a BEW Golf or Jetta wagon (but will consider an ALH Golf or Jetta wagon as well) Would prefer zero rust, lower miles, and stock or near-stock condition. Heated seats and a 5/6 speed are a bonus. I sold my 155k rust free '04 golf like an idiot...