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    Wanted, CR HP EGR Race Pipe

    I bought one of these years ago and installed in on our '13 Beetle and now am looking for one for our '12 Golf. AARodriguez doesn't offer them any more and I'm hoping someone may have one laying around. Pics are here...
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    Swirl flap delete opinions.

    I have recently picked up a '12 Golf and will be deleting and tuning it just like my '13 Beetle I have. What is the consensus on deleting the swirl flaps while I am at it? Experiences.
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    Brake upgrade.

    Does anyone know what MK6 VW came with 272mm rear disks? I just picked up all four corners off of a '13 Beetle R-line and the rears are the same as mine, 253.
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    Brake upgrade

    Has anyone done a brake upgrade on their beetle yet? I regularly pull a motorcycle trailer in CO. and UT. and would really like a little better brakes. It's my understanding that my early '13 with the beam rear suspension is built on a MV Jetta chassis (A5) and ECS offers a GLI upgrade which...
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    Current fuel mileage.

    I figured that I would post this here as our Beetles are probably heavier and less aerodynamic than any thing else with the comparable TDI and probably wouldn't convert over to say, a golf and for the fact there is so little traffic I might as well add some. I finally got to put pen to...
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    How many Beetle will be left?

    From the lack of travel on this forum concerning the '13-'15 TDI beetles there obviously aren't a lot of them from the start but how may are keeping them instead of turning them back. I for one will return mine back to stock and have it fixed unless there is no fix and in that case I'm...
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    Panzer Plate?

    I see that Diesel Geek doesn't list one for our beetles and I don't see a way to email them on their site, probable have to set up an account. Dose anyone know anyone that makes a comparable product?
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    Rear spring upgrade help.

    I am wanting to tow a small motorcycle trailer to Michigan with my Guzzi on it this summer and was looking for some help in finding out what spring would be a upgrade for the wife's car weather it be a golf, jetta or what ever. Ours is a beam rear suspension car. I have looked for air shocks...
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    Intercooler icing fixed!

    Thanks to Rawtek, Malone and Andrew Rodriguez Corp.
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    ECM Reflash?

    Just took the wife's 2013 in for its 30,000 mile service and they said there was a ECM update that they needed to do. Has anyone heard of this and what is it for? The car has been flawless and gets great mileage. I can't imagine why the needed to do it.