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    how do i remove the egr pipe from my passat manifold ?

    Why are you removing your egr pipe? Do you not want to egr to put crap back into your intake? It is simple - I did it on mine 190,000 trouble-free miles ago - to simply make a stainless steel blocking plate and insert where there is a two-bolt flange in plain view in the egr pipe.
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    New Member looking to Buy a B5 but the more I read the more scared I am

    At 100K I swapped to a geared BSM, changed tranny fluid & filter, timing belt & water pump. When new, I blocked the Exhaust Gas Recirc, keeping sludge out of the intake. Installed a trucker's crankcase vent filter, which also keeps the intake even cleaner. Drain it every 5000 miles. So, at...
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    electrical challenge AAZ

    You brought the MK1 harness, including the glow plug relay, over to your 82 Rabbit? Recommend getting the full electrical diagram pages (Bentley) for the MK1. Look for where the glow plug relay got its power in the original: gotta trace & duplicate that in your swapped installation. I don't...
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    Alternator Troubles! HELP!

    Not sure, but the O'Reilly's reman units themselves may be your problem. Go to a source that specialises in VW, like World Impex or some other. Then be very sure of your connections.
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    05 Passat heavy sludge residue in intakes

    I completely blocked the EGR on my B5.5V TDI at 10K miles. 185K now, clean engine, no problems (given a geared BSM at 100K miles.) And NOT JUST SYNTHETIC OIL - It has GOT to run VW spec 505.01 100% of the time. I always use Pentosyn 5W40 oil. For heaven's sake, get your car to an...
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    How long do Glow plugs last?

    You do not say which model is your TDI. Glow plugs last a long time, typically only replace when one actually fails, which is alarmed as far as I know on 2004 & newer TDIs. The watchout for me is that the original glow plugs in my 2004 Passat TDI were ceramic, which can fail by breaking off...
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    Cheap Diesel: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Value Edition Costs $22,115

    I am not regretting my 2012 Golf 2.5 gasser. About $5000 less to buy than the Golf TDI, and gasoline is running 60 to 90 cents less per gallon than diesel. I also love my wife's 2004 B5.5V TDI, but save no money driving it. I figure my fuel consumption cost favors the gasser whenever diesel...
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    Blend Door Repair Secret '96 Passat B4V

    One added option whilst you have access to the airbag mounts for the passenger side.... Remove the airbag completely. Buy a B3 glove box and install in its place - the glove box is unchanged for the B4. Plug a 1.8 ohm resistor into the airbag connector and the airbag warning light will not...
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    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    The Germans appear to do the best at rust-resistance now. Amarok would be really nice here, but its quality would make it more expensive than run-of-the-mill pickups now sold here.
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    Volkswagen Group to heavily invest in innovation and technology

    In South Africa, with a much smaller car market, VW sells Polo, Jetta, Passat, Caravelle, New Beetle, Golf, GTI, Touareg, Tiguan, Caddy, Scirocco, Golf & GTI Cabrios, CC, Touran, Amarok.... and some others! COME ON, VWOA, where is your courage??
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    My 2013 New Golf TDI

    I love the Golf - it is basically the hatch version of what VW calls the Jetta SportWagen in the USA. The shorter body is SO handy, but the ride and handling are that of the larger car. BTW, the stereo should give you access to the bass/treble settings thru the menu choices on the row of...
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    No love for new 2 door TDIs?

    I ended up buying a 2012 Golf 4 door - because in the 2 door, the driver's seat does not return to the same position after leaning it forward for accessing the rear seat. Rather, it returns to its most-forward position, which is about right only for a very short driver. So the driver must...
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    Volkswagen Group to heavily invest in innovation and technology

    Now, if VW would simply bring MORE of its models into the USA... like Polo, Touran, Caravelle (Eurovan to us) - then we could spend more money with VW.
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    Volkswagen bosses surprised by US diesel take-up

    Mercedes, I am told, uses a higher-grade version of the Bosch HPFP in their diesels, with much fewer problems. Last year I went looking for a Golf TDI (Only because VW will not bring the Polo here), but after comparing models and engines, decided on a Golf 4 door 2.5 litre gasser. Why? Cost...
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    Concept Car: VW unveils Diesel Electric Hybrid Twin-Up!

    Nope - we won't get any version at all.... too RISKY to try to sell a really good design in the USA.
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    How long will a TDI idle on a full tank of gas?

    Some of the TDIs sold elsewhere show the Bosch calculated fuel consumption at idle. My South African 2004 Touran TDI showed 0.7 litre/hour at idle. If accurate, with an about 60 litre tank, that would be abut 3.5 days... good enough for me to know.
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    2005 Passat ERG cooler bi-pass?

    Actually, if you block the EGR line with a plate (stainless is better) like I did mine in 2005, it will throw a code because the exhaust gases won't be within the EPA limits. But anyone who is a tuner can delete that code.
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    nut size for engine cover

    Or, the even simpler answer. Just leave the engine cover off. Mine has been in the attic for two years now! No change in noises, easier to get at stuff.
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    The New York Times: Efficiency, Imported From Europe

    VW does not help diesel sales for themselves by selling them now as upscale versions of each model. I wanted to buy a plain-vanilla TDI Golf last year, but faced with a $5000 - plus upcharge for any Golf TDI, I bought a very nice 2.5 litre gasser. My rough calculations said it would take over...