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    Lower Mainland - Windshield wiper arm puller?

    Hello Lower Mainland TDI owners: Does anyone have a Windshield wiper arm puller tool, or a 2-jaw battery post puller? I'd like to borrow one - or buy one if you have an extra. Can't get the windshield wiper arms off my 2003 TDI. Can't find any in stock in Vancouver-area auto parts stores...
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    Will 5x114.3 rims fit on 2003 Jetta wagon?

    I'm looking into buying used winter tires (on rims) for 2003 jetta wagon tdi, but not sure if they will fit. (Private sale) Owner says that they have the hole pattern is 5x114.3 and 4x114.3 and are off a 98 Altima.I don't know what offset is, or what offset these rims have. Thanks for any advice!
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    Location of Rear Wiper Fluid 2003 Jetta Wagon

    Where is the reservoir located for the rear wiper fluid on a 2003 jetta wagon? I looked in front and in panels inside back and do not see it. Thanks!
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    FOB stopped working 2003 Jetta wagon

    Newbie questions - My wife's FOB stopped working recently, after a plane trip (FOB was x-rayed during security). None of 3 remote buttons work. She uses the key and then unlocks back doors with button on driver's window. Do we need new battery? How do you open a fob without breaking it...