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    Question on an Oil for the PD Engine

    Please don't hate me for this post... I have been using ELF 506.01 with 10K oil changes. My question is can I use up a bottle if Castrol TXT 505.01 ? I have about 5K until the next oil change.
  2. J

    interior paint on plastic gone soft

    One of the best ways to keep these "rubberized" parts from getting soft is to limit soiling from skin oils. Keep them wiped down with a damp cloth. I always wipe the entire interior down with my chamois everytime I was the car, and really limit the usage of any cleaners unless necessary.
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    Anyone enable the "welcome" cluster message?

    I am in Portland, Oregon. Is there anyone in the area that has the hardware to code these clusters? I have the FIS display, but it was coded in German and has no distance to empty feature enabled. Id really love DTE.
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    HID hi-beam only upgrade

    Has anyone tried HID's in e-codes for a MK4?
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    Oregonians, pump yer own

    I pump my own at Flying J in Troutdale. No one has said a workd, and one attendent told me it was fine to pump my own diesel.
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    Nice subtle modification to the Jetta’s trim.

    That does look good. My BMW 524td is like that from the factory. I have kept it painted like that with black SEM trim paint since I have owned it. Every couple of years I repaint it. Its easy to get a perfect line with 3M painting tape.
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    best bodyshop in Portland area?

    Insurance companies hate Leifs, and the problem is they put the consimer in the middle. I could go on and on about the insurance nightmare, but the bottom line is the first time they fixed it, it was horrible, paint didnt match even close, it looked like they dragged a garden hose over the hood...
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    best bodyshop in Portland area?

    Gawd, Leifs is the WORST.. Had a horrible nightmare with them on my 02
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    E-Codes worth it?

    Get the A5 HID lights that come on the GLI...:)
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    Sunroof leak???

    I have an 05 MK4 Jetta, and it rained relly hard at work last night. When I got in the car this morning I noticed drips of water coming from the right hand map light switch. I opened the sunroof and did not see hardly any water in the track. Has anyone had this issue or know where the water...
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    PDX GTG 17 December?

    Its just Odd, He wont answer his e-mails at all and he isnt like that. He was really excited about buying a Euro Cluster/TMC box from a friend of mine. He set it all up then just went *poof*.. I lost his number when I switched phones. He also hasnt posted on here in some time... Like before...
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    PDX GTG 17 December?

    Grrrr.... Sorry I missed the G2G, I wasnt paying attention to the posts until today.. I hope to make the next one.. Maybe my stupid Cullin group buy HID kits will be in and I can swap my stock lights out for the E-codes I have. Hey has anyone heard from SKICRAVE? He has totally diisapeared...
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    VE TDIs and ULSD

    Bach in the early 90's when the low sulpher diesel was introduced in CA, my BMW 524td pump started to leak, along with a TON of other GM diesels, In fact CA offered a rebate back to diesel owners for pump failures. I got 450.00.. So the fact of the leaky pumps is very much true.. But...
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    Navi and Phatbox - Chip swapping

    I have run the Phatbox mod by Pencilneck now for 3 months.. Not one single skip or drop off to FM...The firmware upgrade worked perfectly. Soldering the the jumper wires on the cable connector take some care as its pretty small, but the risk is pretty slight as no IC boards are near that...
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    Finding a new battery?

    My last Interstate battery in my 524TD vented and and leaked nearly ruining my engine compartment. Dumped it, never had another problem
  16. J

    Just started with 506.01

    I just changed my oil at 10K with the first change at 5K with Castrol 506.01, I plan to run an analysit at 15K to decide weather to change it at that 5 K interval or wait until I get 20K on the car, So far all seems good on this second change.. Hey Nick, good to see you finally got yours...
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    VW DriverGear Exhaust tips for TDI

    Yes, that is the part number
  18. J

    VW DriverGear Exhaust tips for TDI

    They probably dont fit cause they sold you the wrong one. The dealer did that to me. Once I had the right one it fit fine. O think they would look really good if they didnt hang so low, or if I had possibly an aftermarket rear valence. I still dont have pics yet..
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    VW DriverGear Exhaust tips for TDI

    Well the exhaust tip is installed.... The tips look great, but it hangs too low and really looks ghetto.. I think I am gonna dump it.. I will post pics as soon as I get the software to upload them..
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    VW DriverGear Exhaust tips for TDI

    I just got mine the other day, I havent had a chance to look at it or install it yet. But I will let you know..